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Toxic Ingredients in "Vaccine" BioWeapons

For at least 30 years, Dr David Ayoub MD has been on a crusade against bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines"). 

In 2005, he gave his most famous lecture at Dr Stanley Monteith's Radio Liberty Conference in Aptos CA, which is synopsized below.

In the video, you can see that he was proved RIGHT in most of what he said, particularly about the genocidal and sterilizing aspects of the bioweapons agenda:

In 1972, the Rockefeller "Commission on Population Growth and the American Future" submitted a major report to the Nixon Regime. Basically, this report concluded that the USA has "population problems" but that the American people should not be notified of any of the US Regime's depopulation plans.


The innate immune system uses antibodies to destroy all sorts of things it deems undesirable.

But one goal of bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines") is to trick the immune system into attacking the body's own reproductive hormones so as to disrupt pregnancy. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the fetus in the early days of pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests use it to detect pregnancy. Since the 1990s, bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines") have contained hCG ANTIBODIES for stealth-abortion.

From a diabolical viewpoint, the "advantage" is that the victim will not even know that she was in fact pregnant.

In 1995, a BBC film ("The Human Laboratory") showed how 75 percent of vials of a tetanus bioweapon (disguised as a "vaccine") given to Filipino women in a WHO-Unicef program were contaminated with these hCG antibodies.

Thanks to such bioweapons programs, the average Philippines fertility rate dropped from 7 in 1960 to 2.1 in 2010.


All the "regulatory" agencies consider mercury a potential genocide agent.

Nowadays, all bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines") contain over 50,000 ppb (parts per billion) of mercury. The consumer "protection" agencies are bribed to ignore this, even as they simultaneously prohibit more than 2 ppb in water; or more than 1450 ppb in fish; and even more than 200 ppb in what gets classified as "toxic waste".

That means if a vial of bioweapon (disguised as "vaccine") smashes on the floor, it is treated as "toxic waste", but the Big Pharma Mafia, your "benign" Regime, the "regulators", and consumer "protection" labs are "comfortable" about injecting over 50,000 ppb of mercury into infants (meaning they are comfortable with open genocide).

Mercury is an abortifacient, i.e. it induces miscarriages and (spontaneous) abortions. Since the 1990s, bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines") have contained mercury under the "harmless-sounding" label THIOMERSAL or THIMEROSAL. Prior to 2000, women were mostly sterilized by mercury-amalgam fillings.

A study by Gerhard in 1998 showed that women who could not get pregnant, or who had repeated miscarriages, had over twice the amount of mercury in their urine than the average (mainly from dental amalgams).

A major Hong Kong study showed that mercury succeeded in reducing sperm-count and sperm-motility in males.

Mercury poisoning is also called ACRODYNIA and it was found to cause sterility. A 2002 study found that mercury poisoning caused the following increases: 1.6x miscarriage, 2.1x infertility, 2.9x stillbirth, and 3.3x male fertility. This 2002 study showed the REASON why bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines") contain mercury. And that reason is because mercury is a MEANS toward achieving stealth-depopulation.

Naturally, your "benign" Regime never thought of notifying you that these results clearly implied that you need to avoid bioweapons (disguised as "vaccines") like the plague. That means your "benign" Regime is trying to kill you.

A 2005 study of 22,000 Amish people in Lancaster PA showed only three cases of autism:

The first was in a person who had an acute vaccine reaction; the second in a vaccinated person; and the third in an adopted child from China. This study is discussed here:



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