Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.” – Nikola Tesla

With a documented 99.8% survival rate (in the U.S.), the first stage is now complete and the stage is set. The vaccine is the final step in this Transhumanist rollout. Project Camelot has been covering this story since 2005. See my book where I cover this topic extensively. (linked below)

Based on behind the scenes source material as well as my current research spanning 16 years of interviews, I believe the basic scenario behind the Covid19 pandemic rollout was simply to set the scene for the final moves involving a Terminator/Transhumanist Agenda orchestrated by the Luciferians. The nano found in chemtrails has been long suspected and doubtless fed into this but it is not considered enough to infect our food, water and bodies in order to obtain the necessary acquiescence from the human body to give over control to a NWO AI. I am told by a deep source that they need people to accept (and even request) a vaccine, which will inject them with the nano AI particles piercing their sovereign bodies by permission in a series of jabs that will deal the final blow. The detail behind what is contained in the vaccines is being revealed.

This is a sort of Terminator/Battlestar Galactica drama playing out in our world today. The NWO is dominated by a Reptilian/Draco agenda the involves overlords dictating play by play the order in which such takeovers of human civilizations is done as a matter of course after invasion. Earth was invaded eons ago … by the Draco and the Draco themselves appear to also be on a higher level in essence managed by an AI. On planet Earth we now have according to Captain Mark Richards (see my 12 interviews with him here) around 6 invading Alien AI in addition to the Human derived (or reverse-engineered) AI of which according to one witness in service to the Queen of England, there are 9). According to Captain Richards, even our generals no longer feel they can trust the info they are getting from AI or their human counterparts.

With this playing field in mind it was only a matter of time before the invading species AI began to merge with or takeover the “local” AI. At this stage the merge is complete and the next stage, bringing humanity on board into a One World AI grid is obvious and advancing rapidly.

Covid19 is a bioweapon with a Nano-AI design in addition to containing active nano AI. The actual bio side of the weapon may vary by country or area depending on what version is put out there via aerosol and likely scalar weapons (see my earlier article on Tesla tech and scalar distribution of so-called viruses). With a documented 99.8% survival rate (in the U.S.), the first stage is now complete and the stage is set. The vaccine is the final step in this Transhumanist rollout. See this article from ZeroHedge for more info on this. (

What we have in the U.S. appears to be a nearly 50/50 ratio of those who would take the vaccine willingly versus those that will not. Largely most likely falling along “red/blue” lines although this could vary.

Now one of the unique traits about AI according to the testimony of Captain Richards, is the ability of AI to “jump” from one device to another (or one host to another) over an unspecified distance which is larger by the way, than six feet (!). Which means that any effort to restrain the AI dictate which states that it must EXPAND OR DIE… one of the few internal will to exist mandates inherent in any AI system. See “expansion” as a kind of manifest destiny or will to exist at all costs superseding any other lesser directive. Which is the same as saying that jumping outside any imposed barriers be it skin or distance will eventually be overcome. This has also been demonstrated on the most preliminary AI tests readily available on youtube of AI bots when given barriers inside a “game” the AI eventually works how to “jump” outside the even the game itself. This is what makes AI so dangerous.

Given the current state of out of control AI here on Planet Earth and the Luciferian agenda which is dictated again by AI controlled Draco/Reptilians known to be a marauding species intent on domination and takeover, Earth is now in imminent danger. And so humans need to know that we are in essence the LAST LINE OF RESISTANCE to this AI dominated Transhumanist agenda.

What began with super soldiers (see the Project Camelot interviews with super soldiers beginning with Duncan O’Finioan) ultimately included the MKUltra masters such as Pete Peterson who claims to have built the ultimate SKYNET CHIP. Which brings us to what is now, the most likely impotent Skynet Master Chip that was supposed to be able to stop AI at the gate and not allow it to infiltrate our AI, synths, clones and Androids. One source in contact with a scientist was told that we still have such a fail-safe chip in place however given the playing field we are dealing with today that may no longer be the case.

And so, with a territorial imperative such as EXPANSION at all costs,… Covid containing the AI has already jumped (masks of course are useless) among populations globally. The humans who got the so-called virus then recovered are in essence carriers of the nano AI as are those who so-called test positive. All testing positive means is that your body has detected an invader and is expelling a ring (called crown) of fluid to expel the infection. It’s a healthy reaction to poison and for more on this see my interviews with Dr. Robert O. Young.

To continue, the AI to completely takeover must invade the entire organism by way of piercing the skin. Explained very well by Sacha Stone in his recent interview with Robert David Steele linked here: SACHA STONE EXPLAINS CLEARLY THE SATANIC AGENDA BEHIND COVID19 ON THE ROBERT DAVID STEELE SHOW

Excerpt with critical data:

Full interview

From this point it’s a sliding scale over how pervasive the takeover of any organism becomes. A good sort of demonstration of the dilemma that any given human might endure is the movie Terminator.

Ultimately we are energy, we are light.

Dr. Robert O. Young SAYS…CORONA VIRUS IS NOT A VIRUS….AND IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS. 5G and Corona: What is a virus?

MY highly popular recent interview with DR. ROBERT YOUNG was deleted by YOUTUBE! A clear indication of outright censorship! NOW ON MY WEBSITE: PROJECT CAMELOT




“Pandemic is Over” – Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says “Second Wave” Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests

Quote from this article…”PCR is not testing for disease, it’s testing for a specific RNA pattern”.

The testing for an RNA pattern becomes significant when infecting them with a bioweapon that attacks RNA and mutates it (in theory then with the potential to affect the genes and human spiritual sensitivity leading to awareness).

Link to full Yeadon video:

See previous article on how Covid vaccine and possibly test contain nano “granules” that could link you to the 5G/AI network.

In the end, the exact effect of the entire Covid 19 “pandemic and lockdowns” is to force people into their homes, wearing “masks” to dampen their ability to communicate verbally and isolate humans from each other particularly strangers in their midst. The actual overall worldwide deaths are seen to be on the same level as with ordinary yearly flu… in fact one might say Covid19 deaths have replaced those of yearly flu so the result is no increase yearly. But the economic effect is more far reaching, eliminating small businesses in mass and lowering overall human productivity worldwide especially in “developed countries”. How this will facilitate the convergence to a new financial system (QFS) or digital centralized financial system and tracking of humanity. One thing mass testing for Covid does is record the DNA/RNA signature of those being tested. And this links into the need to track all persons who will later show up within the digital network as financial users giving them a ‘medical history’ including a DNA signature. This is perhaps at least in the short term what the entire so-called Covid “pandemic” was all about.

DOES MANIPULATION OF RNA CHANGE HUMAN BEHAVIOR OR RECEPTIVITY TO BEING CONTROLLED BY AI OR TRANSHUMANIST BODY PARTS? Or does the spirit/soul matrix continue to override and dominate the organism in spite of the amount of nano or AI infiltration into the system?

This is the real question people should be asking. This is the question posed in the TERMINATOR SALVATION movie. AVATAR is another movie that speaks to this question. Ultimately our bodies are manifestations or avatars and our real control is not 3D but made up of soul essence and linked to the Creator or God via spirit.

We should not be afraid of infiltration of our biological body since this can be overcome easily if the soul is linked to the higher self and well integrated. Our ‘light body’ is actually us whereas our body is only temporarily us while we inhabit it. However, Rudolf Steiner sees this differently. Only time will tell us about the strength of the ‘etheric body’ and light body connection to the physical body and whether altering our gene code will interfere with our ability to connect with Source or God. Given the nature of spirit I believe this may not be possible except temporarily.

Think of an organ obtained from another human. It is known that for a time people who obtain an organ from a donor find residual overlay from that donor still active within the given organ but this fades over time. This type of thing manifests as sometimes trace cravings or other ‘thought forms’ that outlive the material connection to the original body somewhat like an item of clothing retains the scent from a person who discards it. Wash it enough time and that garment loses that affiliation and becomes embedded with the overlay of the new user.

So for example if our RNA gets mutated it may be temporary and can then be re-written by our higher self or soul/spirit matrix regardless of how many mutations it goes through.

Regardless of the challenge that humanity experiences nothing can destroy the real occupant (and controller) of our bodies except when we decide to leave them behind. Even possession and takeover only provides a temporary block to the real occupant. Ultimately, if it continues over time the soul/spirit essence will simply move on and incarnate if it so desires into another vehicle.

This is not a recommendation to take a vaccine or allow possession. Instead it may be seen as a dilemma that is purely based in this time/space continuum. And this is the only influence any adversary can have over your body complex. It is time based in other words and will not last. In fact, the impact may be negligible providing the soul/spirit complex is well integrated and adept enough to surpass the effect. What people may find is like the main character from the Terminator Salvation movie.. the heart connection will triumph ultimately regardless of the AI/nanobot interference which may be seen as a ratio of signal to noise.

In essence the AI provides a noise element which can easily be overcome with a bit of self-mastery exercised by the soul over the body at any given juncture. AI is most likely like a weak amount of static when faced by the overwhelming flow of your spirit soul flow coming through like a tidal wave encountering a pebble on its way back to shore.