TRUMORS: Chemtrails Now ADMITTED By John Brennan Himself!

What you will read now isn’t a conspiracy theory is a Conspiracy FACT!

Rumors and facts have been circling online for a long time, but the Deep State members wanted to downplay it as just another conspiracy theory, but it only showed how bad they want to deny that! People still have brains to think with!

We are reporting the truth no matter what, no matter how bad it is!

The reality is that the globalists spray heavy chemicals in the skies above us!

Check this out:

This isn’t something normal. What Wikipedia shares are lies; they want to brainwash you! Those aren’t contrails.

They are short and vanish very fast!

When we were kids, we watched contrails all the time, and they would disappear very fast as the plane went across the sky!

The planes release heavy chemicals, and they are created to stay in the air and spread out!

The Deep State isn’t even ashamed to confess such a thing!

Many people consider this a conspiracy theory and defend the events, but we have to tell them that even the Deep State members like John Brennan admitted it!

However, they don’t call the ingredients chemtrails because it would be too obvious, but they refer to them as ‘’stratospheric aerosol injections’’. It’s a fancy name for the poison spreading in the sky.

Take a look at the video below:

YouTube will surely delete the video, so we have a Rumble backup.

Here’s the confirmation too.

MIT confessed:

Check this out:

The Deep State calls them ‘’hidden in plain sight’’.

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It’s unbelievable that they are doing this every day and trying to poison the people.

People have to wake up and see what is happening!

So much from the clean air! I guess from now on we won’t breathe clean air anymore!

We are furious; you should be too!

Americans have to wake up and expose the criminal.