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🌍 Ukraine: A Tale of Plunder and Intrigue🌍

Since 2012, Ukraine has been a pawn in George Soros's grand game, with the Davos Group and Obama as his backers, along with the UN, NATO, and the CIA. These are the same individuals who orchestrated the pandemic and championed vaccine companies while suppressing vaccine-related fatalities through their grip on Big Tech and mainstream media.

In 2014, the Deep State conjured a CIA playbook Color Revolution in Ukraine, cynically employing students as the foot soldiers in their coup. From then on, Ukraine has been a victim of resource robbery. Here's a jaw-dropping list of what UN, Davos Group subsidiaries, the Clintons, and Biden have looted from Ukraine and laundered—a staggering 7 trillion dollars—through the Ukrainian government:

🌟 Resource Riches🌟

- Europe's top uranium ore reserves.

- Second in Europe and tenth globally for titanium ore.

- Second globally for manganese ore reserves (12% of global reserves).

- Second-largest iron ore reserves on Earth (30 billion tons).

- Second in Europe for mercury ore reserves.

- Third in Europe (13th globally) for shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters).

- Fourth globally in total natural resource value.

- Seventh globally in coal reserves (33.9 billion tons).

🌾 Agricultural Dominance 🌾

- Europe's top arable land area.

- Third globally in black soil area (25% of the world's total).

- World leader in sunflower and sunflower oil exports.

- Second in the world for barley production, fourth for barley exports.

- Third largest global corn producer and fourth largest exporter.

- Fourth biggest potato producer worldwide.

- Fifth largest rye producer globally.

- Fifth in bee production worldwide (75,000 tons).

- Eighth in wheat exports globally.

- Ninth in chicken egg production worldwide.

- Sixteenth in cheese exports worldwide.

Ukraine can feed a staggering 600 million people.

🏭 Industrial Strength 🏭

- Europe's top ammonia producer.

- Second in Europe and fourth globally for natural gas pipeline infrastructure.

- Third in Europe and eighth worldwide for nuclear power plant capacity.

- Third in Europe and eleventh worldwide for rail network length (21,700 km).

- Third in the world (after the U.S. and France) for locator and locating equipment production.

- Third largest global iron exporter.

- Fourth largest worldwide turbine exporter for nuclear power plants.

- Fourth globally in rocket launcher production.

- Fourth worldwide in clay exports.

- Fourth in titanium exports globally.

- Eighth in global exports of ores and concentrates.

- Ninth in global exports of defense industry products.

- Tenth largest steel producer globally (32.4 million tons).

Ukraine has been transformed into Europe's prime money laundering network courtesy of the Clintons and Obama, and its human trafficking network is the largest in the continent. Unfortunately, these activities often go uninvestigated during times of conflict, such as the ongoing eight-year proxy war in Ukraine.

The current conflict in Ukraine had been set in motion long before, pitting the Ukrainian leader against Russia.

😔 A Tragic Reality 😔

Millions of innocent lives are tragically lost in wars, proxy wars, and staged conflicts. Additionally, the war on civilization, with the engineered bioweapons and the kill shot therapy solution into cities worldwide, has inflicted immeasurable harm.

Remember, while the news may be manufactured, the suffering in these conflicts is all too real.


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