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Ukraine's Goals By 2030 - A Cashless, AI-Controlled Society With An Iron Dome

"Let's look eight years ahead 2030 the history of the new Ukraine is studied all over the globe why? Because Ukraine became the most digital and convenient country in the world."

"No more red tape but paperless. No more banknotes but cashless. Yes, we. Became the first country to abandon paper money."

"The Ukrainian government is digital. More like an It company in terms of the efficiency of implementing decisions."

This is how the Ukrainian government wants to reach “digital for freedom”

01. 100% online services 02. Paperless 03. Cashless 04. Digital Government 05. Artificial intelligence in courts and e-notary 06. Digital Education 07. E-health 08. Digital customs 09. 5G 10. Digital literacy

This looks like Freedom to you!?

The Vice PM of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov posted this video

Release Date: 2022

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