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Urgent removal of cough medicines containing pholcodine. But we’re still doing the vaccines, yeah?

Dozens of popular cough medicines and lozenges are being removed from sale in Australia due to a potentially life threatening ingredient.

Dozens of popular over-the-counter cough syrups and lozenges have been ordered off Australian shelves due to a potentially life-threatening ingredient.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has cancelled 55 products containing pholcodine from the Australian Register of Therapeutic goods.

Pholcodine is found in 55 products including Codral, Bisolvon and Benadryl dry cough syrups sold across Australia.

The TGA said a safety investigation found an increased risk of anaphylactic reactions to certain medicines used as a muscle relaxant during general anaesthesia.

The TGA is aware of 50 reports in Australia where a person is suspected to have had a pholcodine-related anaphylactic reaction to the neuromuscular blockers during general anaesthesia.

Australians are urged to check if any cough syrups they have at home contain pholcodine.

Many popular cough syrup brands are included in the recall.

One person has died due to a severe allergic reaction.

TGA Head Adjunct Professor John Skerrit has urged anyone who has taken or suspect they have taken pholcodine medicines to speak to a doctor.

“If you will need general anaesthesia and have taken pholcodine in the past 12 months, I advise you to tell your health professional,” he said.

“Health professionals should also check whether patients scheduled to undergo general anaesthesia have used pholcodine in the previous 12 months.

Codral and Duro-Tuss dry cough medicines are included in the recall among others.

“Fortunately, safer alternatives to treat a dry cough are available and consumers should ask their doctor or pharmacist for advice.”

He advises consumers to check if cold and flu medicines they already have contain pholcodine and ask a doctor or pharmacist to suggest an alternative treatment.

The move by the TGA is welcomed by Flinders University head of clinical epidemiology research Dr Ashley Hopkins.

“Pholcodine is a cough suppressant that has been associated with severe allergic reactions that can be life-threatening. These reactions can occur even in patients who have no history of allergy to any other medication,” she said.

“In addition, there are several alternative medications available that can be used to treat coughs without the risk of anaphylaxis.”


Editor's Comment:

Do you see the level of deception here?

They give the appearance of vigilance and concern for public safety by removing a potentially dangerous drug from sale, yet do nothing about the obvious dangers of the jabs, and other drugs, that have maimed and killed thousands.

It's all part of getting people's trust in the authorities.

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