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‼️ Using Windows 11?

‼️ Using Windows 11?


Using Wireshark to check what a freshly-installed copy of Windows 11 was doing on a brand-new laptop, what they saw was eye-opening to say the least: just after the first boot, Windows 11 was quick to try and reach third-party servers with absolutely no prior user permission or intervention.

Many of the Windows 11 initial DNS queries where designed to provide "telemetry" data to market research companies, advertising providers and even geolocation-related domains like geo-prod-do with no permission or web browsing activity needed. The latest and greatest in the Windows line of operating systems is seemingly designed to "spy" on anyone and everything from the get-go.

Furthermore, every Windows 11 computer has a hidden SuperAdmin account in its roots that gives Microsoft full access to your machine. This SuperAdmin account cannot be disabled and has more rights than the user itself.

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