Vaccinated Teachers Not Allowed Near Students

Vaccinated teachers will not be allowed near students in a Miami, Florida private school.

Staff at a Miami private school have been notified; if they receive the “Covid Vaccine”, they will not be allowed near students.

Staff at the Miami Florida private school are facing a threat to their employment if they get a covid vaccine and remain around students.

One of the school’s co-founders informed staff that if they get vaccinated, they will not be welcome in classrooms or around students.

“We cannot allow recently vaccinated people to be near our students until more information is known,” said Centner Academy co-founder Leila Centner in a letter sent to staff.

In the letter, Centner referred to the covid vaccine as “experimental.” She then gave employees an ultimatum: Inform the school if they’ve already been vaccinated so they could be kept distanced from students, or wait until the end of the school year to get inoculated.

Letter To Staff of Centner Academy

The letter from Centner Academy private school states, “If you want to get the vaccine, please wait until the school year ends and you will not be able to return to school until clinical trials are complete,” the letter reads, “(If a position is still available at that time.)”

Centner is also requiring faculty and staff to fill out a “confidential” form revealing whether they have already received the vaccine or intend to get it.

In the form is a caveat: Employees must “acknowledge the school will take legal measures needed to protect the students if it is determined that I have not answered these questions accurately.”

Vaccinated teachers and staff are upset by Centner’s request, but it can’t be a one-way street. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

They say More than 140 million people in the U.S. have received one of the covid vaccines, reports The New York Times.

Covid stats are always inflated. The number of 140 million people in the U.S. who have received one of the covid vaccines could be closer to 14,000; remember, the news media lies and works for The Deep State. The Deep State (shadow government) is pushing this Agenda.

Vaccinated teachers and staff aren’t the only ones feeling repercussions from taking the jab. Centner Academy is not the first or the last to prohibit vaccinated people from entering the workplace. Many gyms in Canada and the USA now prevent anyone vaccinated from entering until 2023.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages pregnant people to get the vaccine after observing “no safety concerns” among 35,000 women who were vaccinated during their third trimester.

This anti-vaccination stance for vaccinated teachers and staff is reportedly not unusual for the Centner Academy and its founders. Support for “medical freedom from mandated vaccines” is prominently advertised on the Academy’s website. The school has also posted guidance to help parents file for exemptions to other state-required vaccinations.

Co-founders David and Leila Centner identify themselves as “health freedom advocates.” Both donated heavily to the Republican Party and the Trump reelection campaign, reports The Times. In January, they invited prominent anti-vaccine advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to speak at the school, which returned to in-person teaching back in September.

As educators, these two are directly harming their staff and the people who attend their school. This is a prime example of just how pervasive vaccine misinformation can be — and the real-life consequences that come with it.

Let me add to this “pervasive vaccine misinformation” for a moment by pro vaxxers.

It doesn’t matter if you believe covid is real or not. I wonder how anyone would want to take a “vaccine” that was rushed out the door in 5 months for a “virus we’ve never seen before.” Most vaccines take 8-10 years to research, test, implement and get approval before launch.

Why is everyone so anxious to get on the “Covid Vaccine” trendy band wagon?

The news media and politicians preach that Covid Vaccines are necessary and you must get them. It’s all fear mongering.

If you want to take the “vaccine” they admit hasn’t been tested, that’s up to you. As I’ve said before, I knew two very healthy people who died within a week of taking round one of the “covid shot” and a third person was rushed to the ER for intense headaches and blood clots. I know NO ONE who had the fake covid flu.

Two deaths and one ER visit within 3 weeks is all the info I need, not that I needed more info to make my decision.

Bill Gates also wants you to get vaccinated; the demon who openly talks about depopulation. Gates’ father was also into Depopulation. George Soros funds ANTIFA and BLM and is very evil; he’s part of this as well. Read more on George Soros here.

Writer’s Notes

Centner is serious about the safety of the children who attend their school; more schools and businesses should act the same instead of following what the news and government says.

If businesses can place signs on their windows stating “no mask no service” then other businesses have the right to refuse customers who have been vaccinated, for the safety of staff and other customers; it goes both ways.

This isn’t about a fake virus anymore, it’s about control (as it’s always been.)

I will never follow what politicians or any news anchor tell me to do when it involves my health or body. These people cannot be trusted.

Many have been asking, if vaxxers think a “vaccine” and mask will protect them, then why the issues against people not getting the jab or wearing a mask?

If vaxxers truly believe the “vaccine” and mask will save them from the boogie man, then why are they so scared, irate, irrational and easily-angered against those not complying. It’s all FEAR MONGERING.

Should you get the Covid Vaccine? Should you blindly have something injected into you by the government and people like Bill Gates? That’s up to you. It’s your life and your body.