Vax Incentive

Well, it's official now. There's no more coronavirus pandemic. It has been replaced with a vax pandemic which shows it wasn't about the virus in first place. It also wasn't about protecting our health. It's an end game agenda Alex Jones warned us about over a decade ago and he was called conspiracy nut by MSM.

It's about making you broke, easily manipulated and subject of the state.

According to doctors the real effects of vax won't start showing for at least 40-50 weeks after taking it. We're not there yet. The number of folks that got injured/died initially is nothing compared to what will happen down the road when cytokine storms and spike protein uncontrolled chain reactions start destroying your body next time some rogue virus happens to get in.

By that time the Big Pharma/ Big Government cartel will have 85% of the sheeple vaccinated.

They're going to be more than happy to tell you what your next shot is going to be if you are still alive.