Victoria is making it free to study to become a nurse or midwife under new initiative

"Thousands of nurses and midwives will be recruited and trained for free as part of a $270 million initiative announced by the Victorian government on Sunday.

Under the five-year program, all new domestic students enrolling in a professional-entry nursing and midwifery course in 2023 and 2024 will receive a scholarship of up to $16,500 to cover course costs"

"Mr Andrews said the government has been working on the package for months, as hospitals across the state were buckling under the weight of the latest COVID-19 wave"


Of course Daniel is lying. The system may be buckling, but it cannot be due to a covid19 "wave" as there is no covid19. However there has been a mass exodus of nurses following the mandated clot shots.

Is this new breed of recruits going to be the first mass recruitment drive of the first bunch of unsuspecting communitarians?

Are these fresh nurses being allowed to study the course , or enter into the profession, without first submitting themselves to the clot shots? Or are the clot shots still being mandated for these workers?

If they can only enter into work, WITH the clot shot, then they have been blackmailed to sacrifice themselves for the alleged ( but false) "greater good of the group" .

They will see themselves as martyrs for their self-sacrifice, and will be indoctrinated in their education, to expect the same self-sacrificial self-harm from those they treat, and will feel justified and supported by the communal leaders, in denying treatment to those they believe are unworthy,by not having submitted to any particular "health" related directive from the "leaders".