VIctorian Police - Now the Government's 'private army'

"October 31st, a day I, and many others, will never forget.

The day 200 police surrounded, arrested and fined 14-15 people in the park...why? We don't really know.

The day an independent journalist got arrested 3 times and falsely imprisoned for 45 minutes.

The day picnic goers were subjected to pointless interrogation and intimidation for no reason.

The day women cried because they were surrounded by and armed force for no reason.

This was a fateful day; we will not forget and we’re coming for justice."


So, these psychopath lemmings in uniform must actually go home at night to their families and sleep well at night thinking they've done a good day's work. Next morning they head off to their commander to get a briefing on their tactics for the day.

  • The public assume they can go to the park and listen to speeches, by following government masking, social distancing and group limitations "regulations".

  • When they turn up, after a while come out from your hiding places behind trees and bushes, form a circle around your victims and slowly creep up on them, tightening the circle not allowing anyone to leave.

  • Then detain them violently, charge them for not following the Chief Health Officer's edict (not breaking a law) and fine them.

What a brilliant strategy! It's called ENTRAPMENT!

Can't wait for the civil law suits to start in Australia and even perhaps tribunals.

Every one of those complicit psychopaths should be charged through a real Common Law Court and dealt with accordingly.

Following orders or pleading ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

It certainly didn't wash in the Nuremberg Trials.