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Viral RFK Jr. Video Gets Deleted By “X”: Here’s What They Didn’t Want You to See

“Freedom of speech, not reach,” is taking effect more than ever as Twitter (“X”) regresses to its 1.0 days. Ever since Elon Musk hired CEO Linda Yaccarino, who has close ties to the World Economic Forum, things have taken a turn for the worse.

“X” Is Not Living Up to What Elon Musk Promised: Here’s Why

In short, “lawful but awful” accounts and external links (especially Substack) are getting brutally deboosted. And permanent suspensions, which were promised to be reserved for unlawful speech only, have made a big comeback.

Now, Twitter (“X”) is taking further action by making undesirable videos unplayable.

What type of videos in particular? Well, mine…

I recently uploaded a video of Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that garnered over 500,000 views. The post and the text stayed up, but the video was taken down. Had the video not been taken down, the post could have seen a million views or more.

Users also reported X was “blocking” them from retweeting. Now, that’s something reminiscent of 2021 and early 2022 — BEFORE Elon took over the platform. So, this is concerning.

So, what did Robert Kennedy Jr. say that crossed the line?

The video was a clip of RFK Jr. breaking down the Pfizer clinical trials with podcast host Brian Rose. And what he exposed, according to Pfizer’s own data, was that people who received Pfizer’s COVID vaccine showed a 23.5% GREATER likelihood of dying than the placebo group after six months.

Here’s the full breakdown, per Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:

In the Pfizer clinical trials, they gave 22,000 people two COVID injections and 22,000 people fake vaccines.

Of the 44,000 in total, one person died of COVID in the vaccine group, and two people died of COVID in the placebo group. So Pfizer, with the misleading measure of relative risk reduction, called their vaccine “100% effective” because two is 100% greater than one. But from the angle of absolute risk, it took 22,000 vaccines to save just one life from COVID.

And over a 6-month period, 21 of the vaccinated people died of all causes, whereas only 17 people died in the placebo group, a 23.5% difference.

So, what was killing those people in the vaccine group?

“It was cardiac arrest,” answered Kennedy.

“There were five cardiac arrest deaths in the vaccine group and only one in the placebo group. What that means is that if you take that vaccine, you’re [five times] more likely to die from a fatal cardiac arrest over the next six months than if you don’t. What it also means is that for every life they save by preventing a death from COVID, they are killing four people from cardiac arrest.”

Data analyst Edward Dowd corroborated Kennedy’s findings when he did his own deep dive on the Pfizer clinical trials.

“The all-cause mortality of the vaccine group was 23% higher than the all-cause mortality of the placebo group. And what do we have today currently running in the US for excess mortality? 23%, according to our numbers. I just find that curious.”

So when Pfizer presented this data to the FDA, the FDA was supposed to assess all-cause mortality, give Pfizer’s vaccine a failing grade, tell them to make a better product, and not come back until they could show it saves more lives than it kills. But instead, they rubberstamped the shots through, gave them the green light, and fast-tracked a vaccination campaign that inoculated the world with 13.46 billion doses of this stuff.

What will be the long-term consequences of these actions? Will anyone be held responsible for the ill effects? And how long will I be able to continue asking such questions on Twitter (“X”)?

Update: After this article garnered lots of attention, the video in the tweet is now playing for many people, but not everyone. X has not personally reached out or made a comment on why the video was unplayable for most people.

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