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War imminent in Armenia.

Azerbaijan mobilises troops to the Armenian border.

Moscow summons Armenian Ambassador and expresses dissatisfaction effectively withdrawing support for the Armenian Government.

Iran deploys troops onto border with Azerbaijan.

US military deploys troops to Armenia for "exercises".

Armenian intelligence claim they have just foiled a coup d'état attempt on the Prime Minister Pashinyan.

Turkey declares that it will intervene to support Azerbaijan against Iran.

Convoys of Iranian tanks & artillery spotted deploying to the Azerbaijanian border.

❗️The Armenian Government has boldly criticized Russia's "absolute indifference" to Azerbaijani "aggression" against Armenia and an ungrateful Prime Minister Pashinyan has expressed regret over his country's near-total dependence on Moscow for its security as a "strategic mistake."

⚡️To spite Russia, Armenia announced that it would be sending aid to Ukraine for the first time since the conflict began.

💥Russia is unlikely to help Armenia in case of military escalation with Azerbaijan, in particular since Moscow is now directly speaking of Karabakhi Armenians' need to accept Baku's rule over the disputed territory.


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