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War was always going to be needed to enforce ‘The Great Reset’

Now that they’ve got most people cowering behind the sofa or under the bed because of the fake covid threat, they have introduced two new threats to the menu: war and storms.

As my regular readers will know they were always going to do this. I warned about it again a few weeks ago.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Within less time than it takes to watch a box set they gave us Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin.

There will be lots more storms this year: some upgraded breezes, a few natural ones and a good many deliberately created. Any puff of wind will have a name. Every breeze gets upgraded to storm – just as every retired actress becomes a former film star. Newspapers and TV stations will dig out all their old stock photos of rough seas and fallen trees.

If Boris Johnson eats some Brussels sprouts and beans they’ll give the result a name.

To keep us on our toes some of the storms will be ferocious. Those will probably be the manufactured ones.

And there will be heat waves, heavy snow falls and probably a tsunami or two (easily created, as I previously explained, with an underwater explosion).

You can’t kill billions with bad weather of course but you can push up the prices of food and energy and kill millions through wrecked economies, poverty and starvation. The recent storms in the UK led to immediate closures of schools and railways (‘just in case a tree fell down and hurt someone’) and the halting of supermarket deliveries. All this was patently overkill to do more damage to society and the economy.

We have to remember that population control is one of the purposes of everything that is happening.

Wars are coming too – as they threatened some time ago.

We’re clearly heading for another long Cold War with Russia and China on one side and America and Europe on the other.

Just remember that both President Putin and President Zelensky of Ukraine have spoken at Schwab’s World Economic Forum. (So, too, of course have Biden, Johnson, Macron, Trudeau and Arden of New Zealand among many others.)

It is difficult to avoid the feeling that Schwab is behind the scenes pulling strings and if, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West does decide to intervene militarily, it will be because the conspirators want it to happen and see it as a way to further damage the global economy and cause a few million deaths.

Remember that ruining the global economy is an essential step on the route to the Great Reset. The rhetoric coming from Washington and London certainly suggest that both Biden and Johnson are desperate to exacerbate the situation, cause more terror, push up energy prices and terrify everyone.

Once you realise what their plan is it is easy to see what is going to happen next.

Storms and wars were always going to be part of the Great Reset.

They’ve all read their copies of George Orwell’s 1984’.

But so have we – and we know what is coming and why.

And the knowledge gives us a chance to prepare ourselves.

As I’ve been suggesting for nearly two years, keep in stocks of food, prepare for electricity and fuel shortages and, if possible, make sure you save some of your money to help you through the dark times they have planned.

Remember: the covid fraud was just the beginning. The conspirators have only just started their campaign to take total control.

Be prepared and stay strong.

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