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Watch: Powerful Video: Will This Video Make You Abandon Corporate Media Forever?

This is an extremely interesting video.

Centralization of media creates an extremely dangerous environment by controlling the flow of information that people consume.

It sets boundaries and frames the narratives for society to blindly follow, while discrediting alternative viewpoints.

In 1917, JP Morgan interests hired 12 high ranking news managers. Those 12 determined the most influential newspapers in America.

They were to figure out how many news organizations it would take to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States.

It was found that it was only necessary to purchase the control of the top 25. An agreement was reached.

This snowballed into the monopoly on media we see today that has largely become propaganda.

It feels like we’re reaching an inflection point, where society is ready to accept independent media and various sources who aren’t bought and paid for or compromised.

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