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Try to Convince the Sheeple About Covid-19 Vaccine

BIALL GATES Expains How Covid-19 Vaccine Will Change Your DNA Forever

What he doesn't tell you is the millions he and his accomplices will be making in profits after he's finished poisoning most of the population.


From BlueyBlogger

"Not another False God showing his wares....please!

Hollywood churns over millions of dollars, making movies about megalomaniacs such as this guy - Bill Gates - especially after they pick up on somebody else's program or idea, and then use it for evil...pure evil....that's our Bill.

Remember Microsoft? Not his....stolen. Look what he turned it into - Windows (two way vision)

Wonder how much his 'foundation' paid for the initial virus...then the vaccine???

Should send him to Wolf Creek in Australia, for a nice 'holiday'!"

From an RN:

"What an idiot ! Vaccines are NOT shot into the veins; they are IM or into the muscle. In fact, when giving an IM injection of anything the person giving the injection is to pull back gently first to be sure one is NOT in a vein. If there is no blood in the syringe upon pulling back the contents of the syringe may be injected. Just one of the areas where Gates is wrong and uninformed. As one who is vaccine-injured, I will have nothing to do with anymore vaccines and have not for years!"