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Water fluoridation could be illegal in Australia after Supreme Court finds informed consent is needed to administer a medical procedure in Covid mandate case

A landmark Queensland Supreme Court ruling against Covid vaxx mandates could lead the way to ban fluoride in drinking water.

Police officers and ambulance paramedics brought the case against the police service and Health Department for sacking employees who refused mRNA Covid shots, said to be compulsory by the state Labor Party administration.

This week the Brisbane court found Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll failed to give proper consideration to human rights relevant to the decision to issue the vaccine mandate.

Justice Glenn Martin found the police and ambulance services had been trying to prevent their employees from suffering infection, serious illness and life-changing health consequences.

“These directions were given in what was, by any measure, an emergency,” he said.

Justice Glen Martin

Former Department of Health director-general Dr John Wakefield was unable to prove he issued the vaccine mandate under an implied term of the employment agreements for ambulance service workers.

Former Department of Health director-general Dr John Wakefield

As a result, both vaccine mandates were found by the court to be “unlawful” and to have no effect.

The court also found the directions limited the human rights of workers because they were required to undergo a medical procedure without full consent, but it was reasonable in all the circumstances.

Adding fluoride to water is not a health emergency.  It is a medical procedure claimed to prevent tooth decay.  In effect it is a drug.

KAP Member for Hill, Shane Knuth waged war against mandates in parliament

State MP for Hill, Shane Knuth of Katters Australian Party has called upon the Premier to order all Government Departments to immediately withdraw any COVID vaccination mandates and any current related disciplinary actions being pursued against Government employees across Queensland.

Mr Knuth was instrumental in having Covid mandates removed in Queensland Parliament in 2023.

KAP Member for Hill, Shane Knuth

waged war against mandates in parliament

“The court action taken by a group of QPS and QAS workers was 100 per cent vindicated today.  They have fought long and hard against this unlawful mandate and justifiably so,” Mr Knuth said.

The ruling reaffirms the fundamental rights of individuals to make informed decisions about their own healthcare, without fear of retribution or coercion.

“It is a victory for personal freedoms and a crucial reminder that mandates must be lawful and respect individual rights.

“I have continuously spoken against the mandate since it was first introduced by the Government on the December 17, 2021.

“You cannot take away and trample peoples fundamental right to freedom of choice and expect to get away with it.

“I commend Justice Martin’s decision, which serves as a clear precedent for all sectors, including Queensland Police Service (QPS), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), Queensland Health, and Queensland Education.”

Mr Knuth said it was imperative that any remaining mandates and any current related disciplinary actions be revoked instantly, and valuable staff are returned to work immediately.

“Every Queenslander has suffered because these mandates have contributed to staff shortages in the critical sectors of Policing, Health and Education, placing additional strain on emergency and essential services already stretched thin, particularly in regional Queensland.

Natural News

Meanwhile a landmark legal case against artificial water fluoridation in the United States is moving forward with mostly flying colors as the illustrious Michael Connett of law firm Waters Kraus and Paul is asking the court system: Does fluoridation present an unreasonable risk of neurodevelopmental effects?

If successful, the case, said to be airtight and “near impossible to argue against,” to quote the advocacy group Fluoride Alert, will force the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action to address the risk, as required by law.  It has the potential to end artificial water fluoridation all across America.

(Related: America’s corrupt justice system is desperately trying to stop the case from being a success.)

Simply put, fluoridation chemicals are drugs, which means Americans are entitled under the law to informed consent.  This means that public water systems would no longer be allowed to automatically fluoridate everyone’s water without each household’s express permission.

Every American household that currently receives fluoridated water would have to be informed of the risks involved with consuming the drug, which has been linked to decreased IQ in children, neurodevelopmental damage and other health problems.

“Fluoridating the water supply is a de facto medication, administered with the alleged goal of promoting dental health,” Fluoride Alert says.  “The government does not solicit informed consent from the patient (the public) prior to dumping fluoride into the water supply.”

“The government is in violation of informed consent.”

Fluoride damages the brain We know from copious scientific research that the chemical fluoride drugs added to public water supplies across the United States accumulate in regions of the brain responsible for memory and learning.  This is especially problematic in young, developing children, but is also toxic to adults.

The current maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) for fluoride is 4 mg/L, a level that is not at all protective against the drug’s adverse effects on the brain.  Of the 18 published studies that provide water fluoride concentrations, 13 of them found deficits at levels below the MCLG, the average elevated level being just 2.3 mg/L, and the lowest being a mere 0.8 mg/L.

What this means is most Americans who live in fluoridated cities, towns and communities are drinking far more fluoride than what established science says is at the lower end of what causes brain damage in babies, infants, children and adults.

“Exposure to fluoride is associated with reduced intelligence in children,” warns The Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice.  “We have found a significant inverse relationship between intelligence and the water fluoride level, and intelligence and the urinary fluoride level.”

If Washington was really in the business of protecting the public interest, it would immediately and voluntarily remove all fluoride drugs from public water supplies.  Instead, the establishment is fighting tooth and nail to keep fluoride flowing through people’s taps.

“The question must be asked: what interest would the government have in lowering the IQ of the public it oversees?” asks independent journalist Ben Bartee.  “How would a lobotomized public serve its interests, in this, Our Sacred Democracy™?”

“Is the benefit merely limited to generating more MSNBC viewers?” Bartee further jokes.

It is important to note further that water fluoridation is not currently supported with a Medical Product’s License, despite continued establishment claims that the drug is perfectly safe and effective for Americans to consume from the tap, shower with, water their lawns with and bathe their babies in.

“When derived from air pollution scrubbers, the fluoride is also not purified to pharmaceutical standards,” one of Bartee’s Substack readers also noted.

“So it still contains other neurotoxins as well as heavy metals such as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead and mercury.”


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