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We Have the Data to Prove Vaccines Are Ineffective and Unsafe So Why Don’t People See It?

How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data? Collecting more negative data on the vaccine isn’t going to change anything, Steve Kirsch wrote. The problem is getting people to consider the possibility that they have been fooled.

There’s an old saying, “It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.”

That’s what we’re up against, wrote Kirsch. “We have the data. But nobody we want to convince wants to look at it.”

We Have the Data

By Steve Kirsch

We have plenty of data from respected experts showing the vaccines should not be taken, such as:

1. The VAERS data (see THIS tutorial and THIS recent affirmation and THIS article on VAERS and causality) showing that hundreds of thousands have died and millions have been injured.

2. The Canadian report showing no benefit for infection, hospitalisation, and death for those under 60.

3. The Israeli data showing the side-effects are serious, long-lasting, and caused by the vaccines; and that the authorities are covering it all up.

4. The Harvard-Hopkins-UCSF study showing it is unethical to mandate vaccination for kids.

5. The Thailand study showing blood tests before vs. after.

6. The Fraiman-Doshi paper about serious adverse event rates.

7. The Levi cardiac arrest rate elevation paper.

8. The study by Bhakdi and Burkhardt showing 93% of deaths after vaccination were caused by the vaccine.

9. The data showing that vaccines cause prion diseases shortly after vaccination. This is impossible if the vaccines are truly safe.

And we have amazing, impossible to explain, anecdotes such as:

1. The embalmer data (for example The Epoch Times article or THIS interview).

2. Wayne Root’s wedding: 200 guests, half vaxxed, half unvaxxed. Only the vaxxed got injured (26%) or died (7%).

3. My neurologist stats: 11 years without needing to do a single VAERS report; this year, needs to file 1,000 VAERS reports.

4. The polling results using third-party polling firms (so not my followers).

5. The fact that Paul Offit isn’t going to get the latest booster even though the CDC says he should.

We even have great books and presentations that document all the shenanigans such as:

1. Turtles all the way down: Vaccine science and myth.

2. Dissolving Illusions.

3. This 20-minute slide presentation from CHD. [Note: the link in Kirsch’s article to this presentation is broken. It’s possible Kirsch is referring to the video titled Vaccine Secrets’ by Children’s Health Defense.]

4. The CCCA presentations: Stop the shots, More Harm Than Good, and Dispelling the Myth.

And finally, we have proof beyond any reasonable doubt that the top outside person in the US who is responsible for vaccine safety does NOT want to see the Israeli safety data:

1. The head of the CDC’s outside committee on vaccine safety does not want to see the safety data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health

This is objective proof of a broken system. It is indefensible. There is no reason that anyone in a position of authority on the Covid vaccines would refuse an opportunity to see the most thorough post-vaccine safety study ever done: one that shows causality.

The problem is our blue pill friends refuse to look at any negative data. Most rely on their doctors for medical advice.

Read the full article: How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data? HERE.

Why is it easier to fool people than to convince people they have been fooled?

Answers to this question could provide some insight on how to sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data. It’s a question that was asked on Quora which so far has attracted 14 answers. Below are a few of them.

John Voss, non-fiction and novel writer and journalist, answered:

Recall, from J.A.C. Brown’s seminal book Techniques of Persuasion, two truths we ignore at our peril:

The will to believe is more powerful than any mere experience.” We can be shown the truth with reason and logic, but we cling to the lie. Black is white, wrong is right, up is down, day is night.

Emotion is stronger than reason in the vast majority of people.” Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? We are owned, possessed and devoured by our emotions.

Last point. Successful con artists are excellent at their grifts. They have mastered the arts of sincerity, eye contact, conviction. Remember the old Hollywood adage: “Once you master the art of sincerity, you’ve got it made.” I speak from personal experience, having been conned expertly by a truly gifted grifter and, oh, how I wanted to believe him!

Samyak Shah, BA (Hons) in Psychology, School of Liberal Studies (SLS), answered:

“It is better to be thought of as a moron, than to be proven to be one”

Accepting a personal flaw is difficult and if it is a confession in a social setting, then it is even more difficult.

The question – Reason why people still believe that 100% fruit juice is pure fruit juice? The reason why people don’t realise that non-fat milk is nothing but boiled milk without the cream.

Mark Turner, Former Director of Communications, NHS Warwickshire at National Health Service (NHS), answered:

It isn’t, it’s just a popular phrase.

On April 1st, people play all kinds of pranks on each other. Then they say ‘April fool!’ Everyone laughs. Creating a successful April 1st prank is a lot more difficult than saying ‘April fool’.

Once people have bought into a major delusion, it is often extremely difficult to convince those people they have been fooled. However, unless everyone bought into the delusion, you can’t really say the one was easier than the other.

People who have bought into something often fail to realise the fallacy of sunk costs. It’s easier to plough onwards in the hope that it will work out than to admit they’ve been fooled.

However, this isn’t always the case. Last Christmas I ordered a jacket online in what (later) appeared to be an elaborate scam. It never arrived. I complained to PayPal and got my money back. They had obviously spent a lot of time putting the scam together. All that persuaded me to demand my money back was it not arriving.

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