What Dale and I discuss here, won't be news to many of you, but it may provide many others with some big reality checks. Please follow the links provided to discern for yourself that what we talk about, is all backed up on government websites and stated by their own people. The legislation is there and it doesn't lie.

Dale Holmes is one of few Australian men brave enough to stand up and speak out against the tyranny that is currently engulfing our country and communities. He has been vocal from the start and is known for his authentic and passionate expression of events and exposing the state, national and global systems (and oligarchs) so others may learn the truth and start taking their power back.

In this frank podcast today we cover smart cities, chemtrails and cloud seeding, HAARP weather manipulation and how it is being used right now across NSW, specifically the South East Queensland border and the Northern Rivers regions and how this geo-engineering links into bio-engineering, genetically modified organisms and the C19 quaccine.

We also touch on how the "truther" movement is compromised and how ultimately, we each have a responsibility for our own spiritual growth and awareness and that this is the key to "taking our freedoms back". Because in truth, nobody "took" our freedom from us, we have acquiesced and given it away over the course of several generations. It's time to clear our collective (and individual) "victim-hood mentality" and live as we deserve to.