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What is More Powerful Than a Gun? ANSWER: THE COMPOUND MICROSCOPE!

Human Blood and Pleomorphism - The Importance of Maintaining the Alkaline Design of the Body Fluids

There is not a single virologist in the World that has ever isolated and purified, let alone seen, the complete nucleic acid of the claimed SARS-CoV-2 as a whole. (Over 30,000 nucleotides and only a fragment or 10 nucleotides are being tested)

Therefore, All conclusions concerning the virus are only computer models and only exist as a concept on a piece of paper! This must make it clear to everyone that no one has ever proved the existence of a new and - as is also claimed - "infectious" pathogen.

The World must realize that what the virologists have created is a pure construct, a model that does not even exist. Quite simply put: Let's imagine that we have 10 Lego bricks. If the amount of Lego bricks available is not sufficient to assemble a Lego car, that is, to create a whole Lego car by throwing together bricks, these missing Lego bricks are created "biochemically" or simply freely invented. In any case, it is a construct. No one has ever seen the whole Lego car. Assembling a Lego care only works with the help of a computer. The completed Lego car just like the phantom virus is a pure intellectual construct created on a computer!

Therefore, all so-called viruses are phantom and do NOT exist. This is true of ALL viruses, including HIV, Ebola, Covid -2 and Zika.

Can the RTPCR test be used as a detection method for a claimed virus?

In an instruction (p. 38) of the US epidemic control authority CDC for the PCR test it says approximately: "Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms. The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection"

What is provable?

That there are no viruses. [2][3][4]

The virus has never been proven by any human being following Koch's postulates.

Koch’s Postulates(1) The suspected pathogen must be found in every case of disease and not be found in healthy individuals.(2) The suspected pathogen can be isolated and grown in pure culture.(3) A healthy test subject infected with the suspected pathogen must develop the same signs and symptoms of disease as seen in postulate 1.(4) The pathogen must be re-isolated from the new host and must be identical to the pathogen from postulate 2.

There can be no meaningful PCR test that can detect any virus, because there are no viruses.

The antigen, antibody and PCR tests do not respond to viruses, but to short, endogenous protein fragments that can be found everywhere in nature. Even in Egyptian papayas.

The prescribed and therefore necessary control tests have never been carried out, which would have proved that the viral theory is a false assumption and that there are actually NO viruses.

None of the pseudo-scientists researching and declaring the existence of the virus and the fake science of virology have followed Henle-Koch's postulates, because it is impossible to follow these postulates and prove the existence of a virus.

All virology is based on errors and scientific fraud

Everything has been worked up and documented from non-purified and non-cultured incomplete genetic fragments.

Many politicians have acted against any logic, this is due to the fact that the evidence for a dangerous situation caused by a novel virus does not exist.[5]

Because virologists still disregard the fundamental rules or the gold standard for scientific identification and refuse to carry out controlled experiments, they have ignored the fact that tissues and cells in the test tube die not because of a suspected virus, but because of intentional starvation and poisoning in the procedure that precedes any apparent "infection" which in truth is an "outmection" proving that disease is born in us and from us.

Type I, II, and III Diabetes are Diseases are Caused by Decompensated Acidosis of the Interstitial Fluids of the Interstitium and NOT the Insulin Producing Beta Cells of Pancreas [6][7][8][9]

Therefore, genetic viral tests only detect the body's own genetic sequences AND NOT some theoretical phantom virus from the outside World.

It is a fact that the RT PCR test only show "positive" if there are enough genetic snippets in the human sample quantity being tested.

This explains why negative tests results are also obtained. It is clear that the body releases more tissue material and thus genetic fragments, especially during inflammatory caused only by acidic metabolic, dietary and respiratory toxins, than when it is healthy or when the human body does not release acidic wastes at all during certain phases of healing.

You only have to increase the amount of fragmented human acidic biological waste (endotoxins or genetic fragments, exotoxins and mycotoxins) as a sample and every human being, every animal and even every plant will test positive for CoVid-2/19.

In conclusion, it is known by medical savants that all testing for CoVid-2-19 are false and therefore NO cases and NO incidences or deaths are directly or indirectly caused by ANY virus, let alone the phantom virus CoVid-2-19.

Five Simple Questions YOU Can Ask Any Virologist or Doctor or Lay Person to See and Understand the Fraud?

1. Please explain as a scientist and a virologist what do you mean by an isolate of SARS-CoV-2-19?

2. Please explain as a scientist and a virologist or medical practitioner have you published and peer-reviewed papers on the isolation/purification of the CoVid-2-19 and if not, to which publications do you reference validating the existence of the virus?

3. Please explain as a scientist, virologist, medical practitioner where in the key publication(s) is it described that a viral structure or molecules attributed to the HIV, Ebola, HBV, Hepatitis, Zika and/or SARS-CoVid-2-19, virus have been isolated in the sense of the word "isolation"?

4. Please explain as a scientist, virologist, medical practitioner where are the "control"

experiments documented that prove that the nucleic acids used to align the genome of the HIV, Ebola, Zika, SARS-CoVid-2-19 viruses are actually viral in nature and do not have tissue characteristics?

In case the "control" experiments mentioned in question 4 have not yet been performed (they have not been performed to date), please allow me to ask YOU as a scientist, virologist, medical practitioner the following additional question:

5. If such a "control" experiment were to be conducted at our expense (isolation of RNA from uninfected cell cultures, sequencing and alignment to the SARS-CoV-2-12 genome), would you publish this data with us in a major peer-reviewed publication like, Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, or the Lancet? As of today and based upon our research and the research of others there are NO cases and NO Deaths due to a phantom virus called CoVi-2-19! [9]

The RT PCR Testing only tests up to 150 nucleotide fragments out of 30,000 nucleotide and has never been proven to cause any infection.

Diseases are born in us and from us from an acidic lifestyle, including what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, what we think, what we feel and what we believe.[10]

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