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What They're NOT Telling You About BlackRock And Bitcoin - Whitney Webb Bitcoin Prediction

The entrance of BlackRock and the most powerful financial institutions to Bitcoin is not a positive development and they should not be welcomed with open arms.

That’s the message out from investigative journalist & author Whitney Webb. With the coming spot Bitcoin ETFs, the worlds most powerful institutions are about to enter the cryptocurrency world & Bitcoin.

In doing so, they are soon going to be buying up a huge amount of the supply in which they will control.

In her speech at the Bitcoin 2023 conference, Whitney Webb explains why this is all part of an intricate plan to destroy privacy and the value of cryptocurrencies.

All because they lie out of the control of the government and financial institutions.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Whitney explains why she believes a global Catastrophic cyberr event is going to be orchestrated before 2025.

All with the goal of introducing more controlling laws & policies for the internet and Crypto.

To watch the full un-edited interview featured (and subscribe to a great finance resource!) check out:

Bitcoin Magazine

Whitney Webb: Bitcoin and the Plot to Destroy Financial Privacy - Bitcoin 2023

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