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Recent news out of Australia involving the Australian Federal Police has revealed a shocking insight into how they conduct various 'covert' operations.

Watching the video conjures up a number of state involved crimes and cover-ups, all in the name of self-justification for their existence and bigger budgets.


Cause a heinous crime to be committed, aid and abet the perpetrator, blame a patsy or use an asset that will often end up dead (the dead can't talk), and have the public demand something is done. Then offer the 'solution' to further the implementation of their agenda.

Martin Bryant and the Broad Arrow Café is one such case that stinks to high heaven.

In New Zealand, we have the Brenton Tarrant March 15, 2019 Christchurch 'massacre,' where yet another whitewash investigation and inquest with narrow terms of reference was undertaken.

In the US, there's 9/11, The January 06 so-called 'insurrection' and more. Make no mistake, most headline making 'attacks' will have some government agency complicity to them.

The results are always the same, more power for them and less freedoms for you.

Believe nothing blindly, question everything, especially if the information is coming from someone in 'authority'.


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