Whistleblower Miles Guo details how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines really are


Whistleblower Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Guo, warns the public that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are dangerous and can kill people.

Guo has discussed some important points about the virus in his latest publication. According to Guo, copies of spike proteins injected into the body will last forever. COVID-19 and vaccines have caused over 6 million deaths worldwide, with 2 million dying of the virus and another 4 million who died from vaccines.

He has also pushed for the use of several drugs, such as artemisinin, ivermectin, dexamethasone, oxytetracycline, hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which he says are necessary medication to fight the COVID-19 virus. Guo notes that artemisinin is effective for people who have had one shot of the vaccine, but not the fully vaccinated.

Vaccines a form of assault on global population

Guo maintains that the virus is the advanced force while the vaccines are the main force in the assault on global population. Now that vaccines are being launched worldwide, deaths will soon follow.

As early as February 2021, Guo stated that the virus is designed to target specific races, and the ones that will suffer most are Whites as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is targeting those they don’t like. When the COVID infection breaks out again, those who have been vaccinated will be vastly affected as the COVID vaccines are expected to turn into bioweapons for genocide. (Related: Covid vaccines confirmed to KILL twice as many people as they “save.”)

Guo stated that one of the most important information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus is that it is not only about the Zhoushan bats – the core element of the virus is that a piece of a gene that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) has been inserted into it as well.

The presence of the AIDS gene can lead to cancer development. Moreover, the spike proteins can enhance the effect of the AIDS gene, which can lead to exhaustion and heart and organ damage. The virus can also produce a type of cardiac enzymes that can exhaust the body system.

All symptoms of COVID, including increased cardiac enzymes, myocarditis and pericarditis can lead to death. A person who has been vaccinated is comparable to someone who opened the door and allowed 10 to 20 times more people in the house as the vaccine brings trillions of mRNA molecules into the cells, manufacturing trillions of spike proteins.

Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines will lead to the death of people in two to three years. Guo says that people will suffer from vaccine-induced myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, myocarditis and acute cancers.

Because of the genetic door that has been opened through the vaccines, more and more people will go blind or lose their voice, experience fertility problems and more disabilities. For those who get the booster doses, “antidotes” will appear to keep those who are needed to stay alive, and kill those who are not needed.

Possible scenarios following COVID-19 vaccination

Guo says there are four possible scenarios following COVID-19 vaccination: First, some vaccinated individuals may die of sudden myocardial or cerebral infarction; second, a vaccinated pilot or driver may die a sudden death while flying a plane or driving a car, taking the lives of others; third, vaccinated individuals may unknowingly infect or cause the deaths of their closest family and friends around them; and fourth, those who have been vaccinated but didn’t die from vaccination will be physically, mentally or psychologically impacted from taking the vaccine, and can no longer lead a normal life.

According to Guo, people in China have been divided into different classes, and the “vaccines” have been designed for people of different classes.

The first class of people are not getting vaccinated; the second may take fake or ineffective vaccines; and the third may receive nutrients that will improve their immunity. Finally, the last class are the people who will receive the real vaccines, which include the disabled, elderly and anyone over the age of 45 whom China wants to wipe out.