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WHO, CDC and other Government Letters in Response to the Existence & Isolation of the Coronavirus

Question One? What is the Latin definition and meaning of the word VIRUS?

Answer - POISON!

Question Two? What is the real cause for the symptoms of a virus?

Answer: Systemic chemical and radiation poisoning of the interstitial fluids of the largest organ of the human body called the Interstitium or the Colloidal Connective Tissue of the Schade!

Question Three? What is the definition of the word isolate which is used freely and inappropriately by medical savants?


Question Four? What is the main poison[s] causing the symptoms associated with a high fever, dry cough, loss of taste, cold hands and cold feet, light headedness, dizziness, shallow breathing, just to name a few?

Answer? Higher than normal levels of lactic, citric, uric and sulphuric acids in the interstitial and vascular fluids causing decompensated acidosis of the blood, interstitium and intracellular fluids and leading to the symptoms of acidity, as listed below!

Question Five? What does lactic and citric acid look like in the blood and interstitial fluids?

Answer: The first micrograph using pHase Contrast Microscopy shows healthy red blood cells which are even in color, even in shape, even in size and NOT hyper-coagulated. The second micrograph shows a large green lactic acid crystal which comes from metabolism, diet and aspergillus mold. The third micrograph shows several large citric acid crystals which comes from metabolism, diet and yeast and mold.

Question Six? What are the symptoms of lactic and citric acid poisoning found in a crystalline state in the vascular and interstitial fluids?


Question Seven? Is there any scientific evidence from WHO, CDC or Published Peer-reviewed Research Validating the Existence and Virulence of the "Ebola virus" or "Corona virus" or the Existence of ANY virus?

Answer? No Record of "Ebola virus" or "Coronavirus" or Any Virus, including, Zika Virus, HIV Virus, Polio Virus, Measles Virus, Herpes Virus, Hepatitis Virus, Influenza Virus, just to name a few by Purification according to the scientific methods of Koch and Rivers, by Anyone, Anywhere, EVER!

A Cartoon of the Coronavirus

Question Eight? What does blood look like that is showing the 'Corona Effect' where there is crowning and spiking of the cells membrane?

Answer? See with your own eyes the evidence of chemical and radiation poisoning from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the drugs we take, the thoughts we think, the negative feelings that we have and ALL the fear from our false beliefs!

The "Spiking" and "Crowning" of the Cell Membrane is caused by chemical and radiation poisoning from glyphosate and aluminum found in our food and water, carbon monoxide, titanium dioxide, aluminum dioxide, hydrogen arsenic and many more nano particulates (NP) found in the air that we breathe and the biggest contributing factor to cellular membrane degeneration and genetic mutation is pulsating electro-magnetic radiation at 2.4gHz and higher from electro-magnetic fields of radio and microwaves.

The "Spiking" of the Cells Membrane to interstitial chemical and radiation poisoning

All "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification/existence FOI responses from (roughly) 52 institutions in 11+ countries/jurisdictions are available from this page:

March 16th, 2021 Here is a back-up repository for the "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification/existence FOIs, thanks to @SerboCanada:

March 15, 2021 CDC FOIA response: no records of any "Ebolavirus" or "Coronavirus" isolation/purification by anyone, anywhere, ever (pdf attached):

March 15, 2021 to the CDC Dr. Robert O. Young's Response - "VAERS Data: Deaths Linked to CoV-19 Inoculation Up by 259 in One Week" -

March 1, 2021 CDC Letter to CDC Concerning the Isolation of the SARS CoV-2 Renamed SARS CoV-19

CDC made crystal clear that they still have no records of "SARS-COV-2" isolation performed by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever... just not in so many words. Instead, the CDC falsely implied that true isolation of "SARS-COV-2" would require the replication of a "virus" without host cells and is thus impossible, and cited irrelevant studies [1]

March 3, 2021 Freedom of Information Act Letter to the CDC Concerning the Purification of the SARS CoV-2 Renamed SARS CoV-19

CDC again failed to provide/cite any records describing "SARS-COV-2" isolation/purification by anyone anywhere ever... BUT is no longer willing to simply say so (as they did back on November 2nd); instead they gave "song and dance" and cited their own fraudulent study. [2]

November 2, 2020: CDC's earlier, straightforward "no records" response![3]

Read the following letter from the CDC of "no records' response! [3}

December 30, 2020 CDC Response on the Novel Corona Virus - The CDC Has NO Record!

The following is another FOIA reply from the CDC dated December 30, 2020 re the alleged 2003 "SARS-COV-1" and all "common cold coronaviruses" - the CDC had no record of any having been isolated.[4]







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