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Who Controls The U.S. Government? | Johnny Gat

The 50+ year Zionist stranglehold on U.S. foreign and domestic policy via (((AIPAC))) and other factions is detailed in this excellent documentary by Johnny Gat.

Featuring: Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Rep. Earl Hilliard, Sen. Chuck Hagel, Senate Candidate Lee Whitnum, Rep. Ron Paul, Councilman Charles Barron, Assistant Secretary of Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, Ambassador Charles Freeman, Rep. James Trafficant, Mike Harris (Veteran's Today), CIA Michael Scheuer, Rep. David Duke, James Morris (America-Hijacked), USS Liberty Survivor Bryce Lockwood, Physician (((Dahlia Wasfi))), President Richard Nixon, IRMEP Director Grant F Smith, Director of Studies at U.S. Army War College Alan Sabrosky, and Historian Mark Weber.

Release Date: 2018


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