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Who is the head of the snake behind the Great Reset, Covid and Global Warming hoaxes?

Reporter and author Elizabeth Nickson delves into the groups and aims of those behind the agenda being implemented in the West.  Having grown up in a privileged home in Canada, she is able to give some personal insight into how these people think.


Last Sunday’s ‘Demonic Flooding of Americawas so popular, this is its companion piece, a fleshed-out examination of the Head of the Snake; the cabal that is behind the Great Reset, the Covid and Global Warming hoaxes, and every profit-bonanza-war of the last thirty, if not 500 years, but especially Ukraine.

They call themselves by a proliferation of names: the Olympians, the Elect, Bilderbergers, the 300, demi-gods, the Black Nobility, other silly secret names that must not be spoken. They are secret because their intent is evil. They practice the occult – foolish and irresponsible – they are “Masons” of the crazy branch, a cult that operates entirely in the dark and entirely for themselves. They are as power-hungry as Hillary Clinton and far more corrupt than she or Biden or his dreadful son. They have been around for a thousand years, laughably tracing their bloodlines back to Sumer and the Pharaohs and they think that is important. In fact, who they are is Hunter Biden; he is their id, the visual manifestation of their disgusting decadence and sexual compulsion. Hunter, to my mind, was brought into their cult and went mad with the drugs, the blood-drinking, the killing and the sexual sacrifices, the intimacy rites that fuel their power.

I wish I was kidding. I wish like hell this wasn’t true.

What I am attempting is to skirt the depths of paranoia by using real-world data, and actual documents, as well as planning that is in the public domain and established fact. I am using personal experience in order to real-world it. So many writers in this area tip over into the unprovable, and of course, this is deliberate, yet another foul psyop run on the defenceless and innocent.

I grew up in the richest neighbourhood in Canada, Westmount, and in the old money summer place of Canada, or one of them. We were part of them and not. My parents’ heritage was American, originally, which was a count against us. Both ancestors arrived in Connecticut in the 1630s when there were a mere handful of settlers in the River Colony and 375 years later, they somehow found each other.

This is how rich the neighbourhood was: My second-favourite boarding school roommate’s family house was a castle numbering 50,000 square feet.

This is how close we were to MKUltra and Allan Dulles: That house, Ravenscrag, was given to Allan Dulles and psychiatrist Ewan Cameron, after the family’s four sons died in the second war.  That house was where my mother was used as an experimental subject in MKUltra.

My favourite boarding school roommate’s husband’s father ran the McConnell Foundation as his charity. The McConnells, who owned the Montreal Star among other things, invited the Rockefellers, the CIA and MKUltra to town, contributing to the project of running the first mind control experiments on non-consenting human subjects, including their own wives. This too is established fact, well documented.

Here’s the question everyone asks. How did they get so cruel? How can these men and women, their heirs, bent on forcing the Great Reset, imprisoning everyone in 15-minute cities, chipped, monitored, and fed chemical stew, justify themselves?  How did the top run of health professionals see covid for what it was, as they had to, and yet go along with the vaccines, knowing, as we now know they knew, how dangerous, how lethal they are? It is impossible to view Edward Dowd’s latest disability figures, look at his projections of illness and death down the line and not think this was a deliberate cull.  Another example of their barbarity, their murderous intent.

I’ll tell you how. They have contempt for nearly everyone. They are so rich and so privileged, and in the case of the people I grew up among, long-held privilege, that they see humans outside their circle as herd animals to be manipulated. I know that because that is how they speak deep inside their world and for six sentient years and eleven years of childhood, I was there in this extremely social world, a string of parties reaching to the horizon every year, listening to every word, divining every thought. The kids mirrored their parents. No outsider can get into that world, so they were safe expressing their contempt for lesser humans. There were so many rules to follow that people were judged on the tiniest of movements, attitudes, the way you walked, ate, spoke. The necessary exquisite manners acted like a fence. It took a good decade to learn the right table manners, which had to be so automatic you could only learn it in early childhood. They could spot outsiders within ten seconds and instantly exclude them. Among themselves, they spoke freely. Why was it so secret? Because breeding was a principal subject of casual conversation. Bloodlines. And the art of keeping that wealth and privilege. And hate. Contempt.

By the time I left, I loathed their vicious, adamantine selves more than I can say, and if we, my family, were a part of it, I foreswore them. I rejected everything.

After my first book was published, my father gave me my great-great-grandmother’s memoir fragment. I was so traumatised by what had happened to my parents, that I fell into it like a warm bath. I think I met her, Charlotte Phelps St John, when she was ancient and I was four. It took place in my grandmother’s apartment building, one of those vast echoing stone buildings where we used to warehouse the prosperous elderly. She, my great-grandmother, and my great-aunt were in town visiting and they wanted a look at me, the first girl born in the family for two generations.

Everything you have been told about the founding of America is a lie. Especially the role of women. These four women were so powerful, so profoundly, deeply rooted in themselves and their own proven virtue, I’ve not met a modern human male or female that comes close to their banked power.  For 350 years, they and thousands of families like them, ordinary, not “bloodline,” had been building towns, churches, schools, and infrastructure across the continent. In their towns, they knew when someone was in need, and they were there, face to face, helping, through their churches, their clubs and societies. Intimate. Not performative bullsh*t charity. Right up against it, solving actual problems, helping real people, not fending them off onto “government.”  My great-great-grandmother’s parents and grandparents had been Officers on the Underground Railroad, and their entire family was a fountain of charity. You were judged as an adult on that contribution, not on the money you made. My great-grandmother had started the Vancouver General Hospital, a multi-billion dollar enterprise today, in a tent with her friends from church. All of them were cornerstones of the culture, fully responsible adults.  Her grandson, my great-uncle and his wife were the same. If they were alive, there would be no way in hell that Vancouver would be a sickening hub of child sex trafficking, money laundering, and drugs. We have lost all of that. All of it.


It was taken from us. That strength had to be broken, and the Fabians, the Huxleys and H.G. Wells, to use names that you’d recognise, invented the system of thought that propels the war on us. The thinking started pre-WW1 and flourished, bloomed and metastasised after WW2, when the optimism, creativity and power of the US flew its flag high. They, the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergs, Kissinger, the Black Nobility of Venice, the Bank of International Settlements, the owners of the New York Fed, ancient European families who hold American debt, and a hundred others, determined to break US industrial society, to reduce it to its former peasantry, to immiserate its population in order to control it. If America had grown from the 50s, it would have broken their power and their wealth.

And most of all, they hated America’s optimism, its “can-do” attitude, its brazen confidence that did not bow to any man.

They devised three main thrusts. The first was to break the cities by making them a stew of disparate groups and races all in competition for scarce resources, which they would draw down over time. They would inflame differences, make us fight each other. The second was to create a series of cultural shocks (think covid, think assassinations) that would infantilise us, make us comfort-seeking and weak. And the third was to destroy culture, women and youth. The mindless violence, serial killers, teenage suicides was created, drugs, rock, faux rebellion – all manufactured.

When I fell into my family history, I ended up in the museums and historical societies in the small towns near where they lived. Because they were prominent, everything was collected, portraits and letters and journals and diaries, and newspaper clippings, possessions and clothes. Photographs taken in the 1840s some of the first, eerie and fascinating. Boxes and boxes buried in basements. My great-great-great uncle had, in the 1880’s, written a 3,000-page book on their history, collecting even more wills, diaries, letters and so on. I looked at ten thousand documents, more. This is called primary research and it is irrefutable. Again, let me stress: they were successful, yes, but not special. There were tens of thousands of families like them, hundreds. They are our ancestors, our household gods, not the skeeze-fest of billionaires and Hollywood. They were good. Their towns were peaceful, families stable and children had hope. What is running us now, is not good. In fact, it is anti-human, it is the most vile of evils. It is a lizard, flicking its tongue, pitiless.

The programmes and thinking behind the destruction of American culture since the second war are well documented. The documents are in the public domain. I am going to run you through its intellectual history showing how they deliberately created the irrational stupidity taking place on campuses and cities. This was created. The brain-dead raves and hundred thousand strong semi-Dionysian rites that take place all over the Western world are rooted in this. They created this. Created deliberately in order to destroy the possibility of adult self-determination, and individual power.

It needed an intellectual underpinning that helped them feel superior and in the between-wars ferment in Bloomsbury and Oxbridge [a blend of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge] the self-appointed leaders found it. Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas H Huxley, (generally called Darwin’s PR guy) – who was a member of the Round Table and the Rhodes outfit, and Arnold Toynbee, head of the research division of British Intelligence during WW1 – provided the gravitas. Aldous began an organisation called the ‘Children of the Sun’, with other members of children of the Round Table (mentioned in last week’s piece and yes, “descended” from Arthur), like WH Auden, TS Elliot, Julian Huxley, DH Laurence and of course, HG Wells. Drawn from the pagan ceremonies of ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, it was a Dionysian cult that promised that in the fullest expression of your animal and sensual nature, the “doors” to “perception” would be opened and you could have the power of God. Paganism sounds cool – all the tattoos plastered on people declare their pagan tribal roots. Until you realise that pagan demands human sacrifice to “work.” The Order of the Golden Dawn is now practised all over the world.

The result? Twenty-five per cent of Americans are diabolically obsessed. Those who are diabolically oppressed? 10-15%. This Catholic priest/exorcist explains why all the demons are here.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral NYC: Fr. Chad Ripperger: Levels of Spiritual Warfare & Our Lady, 25 January 2024

This ridiculous creature was the godmother of today’s culture.

They roped in that bonkers mystic Helena Blavatsky who wrote something super-bonkers called ‘Isis Unveiled’ and together with Oswald Mosley (UK’s fascist leader), and then of course, the genuinely wicked Aleister Crowley, created with the Oxbridgians the Order of the Golden Dawn. Now these people were intellectuals. And I don’t know if you have spent any time with people like that and you are lucky if you haven’t frankly. I went to a couple of house parties given by my landlady in her husband’s rectory in Grantham, England, with two other couples who had met at Trinity College, Cambridge. These people had minds that struck me silent, so agile, so well founded, vaulting, mind-blowingly well-read, beyond reason. One of the men, the son of two famous American leftists, went on to be head of Policy for the Conservative Party, the other edited The Telegraph, The Spectator and became Thatcher’s official biographer. They didn’t just think they were superior; in this regard, they were.  But, in this case, their thinking was not just brilliant, it was Christian. Everyone at that house party (except me) was virtuous in the extreme, modest, open, curious, kind, solicitous of the colonial in their midst, despite their clear superiority of mind. And Christian. Of course they were. We were sitting in a rectory outside a 15th century church with an actual chained library. The Rector, our host, had been their curate at Trinity, and on Sunday afternoon, all the bishops came for tea.

Huxley, etc., were anything but humble or devout or kind. They were after godhead themselves. And these silly little secret groups wanted power. They would be worshipped. So, they invented a system of thought under which we live today. ‘1984’, ‘the Doors of Perception’, ‘Brave New World’, were not just novels, they were mass appeal organising documents. They called it an Open Conspiracy, Blueprints for a World Revolution. They were connected to the RIIA, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, one of the many snakeheads, which Toynbee headed for 50 years. Lots of funding flowed, and eventually, they formed their own behaviourist institutions in order to force this World Revolution. They wanted not just revolution but “a one-world brain.” They wanted a “police of the mind.” And of course, because the financial interests of Great Britain wanted the financial benefits such a “revolution” would bring, the funding grew and grew and grew. Proffered power attracts the worst people and they too, joined the cabal.

Hence today, the propaganda and planning emanate from our most prestigious institutions, principally the Stanford Research Centre at Stanford, the Institute of Social Research at the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics, the National Training Laboratories, the Hudson Institute, Esalen, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Office of Naval Research, The Geneva-based International Foundation for Development Alternatives and Executive Conference Centre, Rand, MIT/Sloan, the Advanced Centre of Behavioural Sciences at Palo Alto. From each comes a daily blare of propaganda funnelled into every sector, every association, every religion, every immigrant group, every government organisation, every union, every school and university. All these outfits, for which you need to develop disbelief to the point of contempt, signed on to the following.

Aldous Huxley called the end result, “the final revolution,” “a dictatorship without tears,” where people love their servitude. This 1961 speech, linked HERE, asserted the goal was to produce “a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away…but…will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing…enhanced by pharmacological methods.”

There is enough blather in this to indicate that Huxley was just describing. But by the age of 60, he was full-on depopulation must happen, and this, he felt, was the way to go. Outside of mass poisoning. Or nuclear war.

The Changing Images of Man’, the foundational document, was written by some of the premier American intellectuals of the pre and post-war period. It promoted and argued for the changing of mankind’s desire to create, to build, towards industrial progress to one that embraces “spiritualism.” The image, it claimed, of technological and industrial man is obsolete and must be discarded.

And so … today. Here’s my example of what has happened in my region. People have been defanged, declawed, reduced to blithering men and women with no critical thinking, but who spout sentimental propaganda. My paternal great-grandparents helped found the city of Vancouver, moving there when there were only 4,000 people present. Over 100 years, they and other ordinary families built the modern city. If you fell, you were picked up. Today, that city is owned by Asian criminal cartels who launder most of the drug money in America through its casinos and real estate. Few actual Canadians starting out can afford to buy houses or condos, they are all owned by crooks. No doubt container loads of discarded children move through our port, the second largest on the west coast of North and South America, bound for sexual predators (another cabal product) across the continent. Human trafficking is common, there are slaves on every street.

And do you know what my generation of women worry about? Trees. Weather. They are inane in the extreme and they gush like 14-year-olds and dress like toddlers. They burble about the “environment,” and ignore the human sacrifice near them. In the city, people die and defecate on the streets. Ignored.

We have been programmed to care only about ourselves. “Women think too much about others,” “they need to learn to be selfish.” In that thought, we all fell. We are told minute by minute to force our bodies and faces into some perfect ghoul like Bezos’ future wife, to buy clothes every season, to interest ourselves in “art and literature,” to have a yoga and meditation practice that encourages “peace” and quiescence, to do anything but be adults responsible for each other, and to do the hard, dangerous thing.

Are the lied to as culpable as those lying? What did the Germans feel when they found out about the ovens? What will the current generations feel when held to account for the eight million trafficked children every year?

In that one immutable and ghastly fact, we have a perfect illustration of the devastation wrought by the cabal.

About the Author

Elizabeth Nickson was trained as a reporter at the London bureau of Time magazine. She became European Bureau Chief of LIFE magazine in its last years of monthly publication, and during that time, acquired the rights to Nelson Mandela’s memoir before he was released from Robben Island. She went on to write for Harper’s magazine, the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Times magazine, the Telegraph, the Globe and Mail and the National Post.

Her first book ‘The Monkey Puzzle Tree’ was an investigation of the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and was published by Bloomsbury and Knopf Canada. Her next book, ‘Eco-Fascists, How Radical Environmentalists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage’, was a look at how environmentalism, badly practised, is destroying the rural economy and rural culture in the US and all over the world. It was published by Adam Bellow at Harper Collins US. She is a senior fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Nickson publishes articles on a Substack page titled ‘Welcome to Absurdistan’ which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.


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