WHO: Omicron in 38 Countries, With ZERO Deaths. But Establishment Still Stokes Fear


Though it’s always odd discussing a microorganism as if it has intellect and purpose, it’s said that viruses generally become less deadly as they mutate because killing their hosts doesn’t facilitate their survival. This may be the case with the COVID-19 Omicron variant. For though it has already appeared in 38 countries, the World Health Organization reports that it has claimed not even one life.

This comes on the heels of a major study showing that during 15 months of the coronavirus “pandemic,” precisely zero healthy German children have died from COVID induced by any variant.

It’s yet more proof that the SARS-CoV-2 situation is no longer an emergency, if it ever was. Despite this, Establishment media, politicians, organizations, and businesses are still ratcheting up the fear, increasing the chances of bad China virus policy’s perpetuation.

The Daily Mail reports on Omicron mortality story, writing:

No one has died with the new super mutant Omicron Covid variant despite the strain being spotted in 38 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed. The US and Australia became the latest countries to confirm locally transmitted cases of the variant, as Omicron infections pushed South Africa’s total cases past three million. And India confirmed its third Omicron infection today, with cases also now spotted in Sri Lanka, South Korea and Malaysia. The WHO warned it could take weeks to determine how infectious the variant is, whether it causes more severe illness and how effective treatments and vaccines are against it. ‘We’re going to get the answers that everybody out there needs,’ WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan said. The WHO said yesterday it had still not seen any reports of deaths related to Omicron, but the new variant’s spread has led to warnings that it could cause more than half of Europe’s Covid cases in the next few months. The new variant could also slow global economic recovery, just as the Delta strain did, International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva said on Friday. ‘Even before the arrival of this new variant, we were concerned that the recovery, while it continues, is losing somewhat momentum,’ she said. ‘A new variant that may spread very rapidly can dent confidence.’

Actually, what dents confidence is fear-mongering by people such as Georgieva. If authorities would tell the truth — which is that the China virus is 100-percent remediable and always has been, according to renowned COVID doctor Peter McCullough and others — and focus on treatment, death rates would drop further, fear would dissipate, and Americans would be happier, healthier, and in better financial shape.

McCullough described China virus treatment as a three-step process: You inhibit viral replication, treat the immune system dis-regulation (because the disease causes severe immune malfunction during its middle phase), and mitigate the thrombosis (clotting). To this end, many people have used the Zelenko protocol, or a variation thereof, to great effect. This includes two vulnerable individuals I know who both experienced troubling symptoms, but were cured and returned to health.

Despite the disease’s treatability, the powers-that-be insist on adherence to their misbegotten, Groundhog Day policy pattern. As The National Interest writes, the

Associated Press said Thursday that the arrival of Omicron and the continuing Delta variant spell the possible return of “unpopular restrictions,” especially in Europe. Greece is fining people over sixty people who refuse vaccination, while the Netherlands has imposed a daily 5:00 p.m. lockdown, both of which have led to rancor. Israel was running a phone-based contact tracing system that it has since halted. Britain, meanwhile, has re-instituted a mask mandate in stores, while requiring visitors from abroad to quarantine.

NDTV provides a few more examples:

Belgian authorities said on Friday that primary schools would close a week early for the Christmas holidays. Germany’s regional leaders agreed new measures including a ban on fireworks at new year [sic] parties to discourage large gatherings. Ireland said it will close nightclubs and reintroduce social distancing in some settings over Christmas and the New Year.

Of course, it always warrants mention how studies have shown that lockdowns cause more death than the China virus situation alone would. But this is one of the consequences of obsession — and obsession is what COVID panic porn’s creation and consumption appear to reflect.

Aside from their unhealthy nature, one problem with obsessions is that they distract us from what we should focus on. A woman obsessed with her weight — consumed with worry about it to the point where she fixates on it and purges — has less time to think about what should occupy her mind, whether financial matters, family ones, preparing for the future, identifying actual health problems, or something else.

In our country’s case, we face a multitude of issues more threatening than the China virus, including the peril posed by China itself, our currency’s destruction, immigration-borne demographic upheaval, schoolroom indoctrination, burgeoning Big Brother tyranny, sexual confusion, waning faith, and our descent into immorality. Yet we mainly talk about a modified flu.

In fact, when I write an article about the greater problems, it generally doesn’t get the traffic one I pen about COVID will. Of course, this provides the media with an incentive to pound the “pandemic” drum relentlessly.

It would be a blessing if people would eventually tune out COVID panic porn and other relative frivolity to the degree that it’s actually lucrative, and not just a labor of love, to write about the things that really matter.