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WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is A Clear and Present Threat to Democracy

The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) begin a four-day meeting on Sunday as they continue to close the net on your right to choose.

The WHO has launched a plan for a so-called Pandemic Treaty which would give it unprecedented, undemocratic jurisdiction over its 194 member nations, including the UK.

Under the treaty, the WHO could order mandatory vaccines, digital health IDs, lockdowns, isolation, testing regimes, no-jab-no-job rules, or anything else it decided as policy, irrespective of dissenting voices. If the UK signed up, the Government would lose any sovereign power to decide this country’s fate in the event of another pandemic, or other health issues.

World Health Organisation Treaty An ‘Undemocratic Farce’, News Uncut, 13 April 2022

Here’s what you can do to help protect YOUR future.

By Jasmine Birtles, 17 May 2022

In the plans for a Pandemic Treaty, the WHO would have complete control over health regulations of all nations in the event of a pandemic “or other health emergency.” The plans have been described by the World Council for Health as an “undemocratic farce”.

Although alternative and independent media have covered this momentous and world-changing potential power-grab by the unelected WHO, the corporate media has been largely silent over the issue.

But thanks to increasing pressure from concerned voters, a few MPs have started to be aware of plans by members of the WHO to discuss it in August 2022, make it law in 2023 and put it into practice by 2024.

About time too. Given that Brexit was largely fought for on the issue of our sovereignty and was debated extensively and accompanied by a referendum, you would think that the very same issue of sovereign control would be concerning MPs and media barons alike.

Not a bit of it, it seems. Here we are, about to cede authority and oversight in a key area of our lives to the WHO with undue haste, minimal communications, no debate and no referendum.

I say ‘about to cede authority’ because already Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written about his commitment to this proposed treaty, as has US President Joe Biden. When the leaders of countries nail their flags to the mast so early on it is difficult for MPs and legislators to take the opposite road.

What are the implications of the proposed power shift from nation-states to the WHO?

Any vote in the World Health Assembly would be carried by a majority but all member countries would then be subject to the decision even if they disagreed due to a national democratic process.

There could be economic sanctions against any country not complying with WHO edicts.

The treaty would cover pandemic prevention, preparedness and response which provides for an extensive range of interventions even when there is no pandemic. It is highly likely that the requirement for vaccine ‘passports’, even though rejected in various parts of the world, would be a mandated base so that the desired control could be implemented.

Despite the fact that the UK is a centre for medical excellence, our Government would be subject to decisions made by the WHO in relation to a pandemic (as defined by the WHO)

The WHO will have the ability to determine what ‘the science’ is. As with the Covid pandemic, experienced and qualified health practitioners with alternative views could be ignored.

Matters such as testing, vaccinations, lockdowns, health ‘passports’, travel restrictions, and surveillance are all factors which could be arbitrated by the WHO to achieve their new brief.

As an unelected body with immunity from challenge in any national court, citizens who disagreed with WHO policies or were injured by them would have no recourse.

The WHO. have a meeting in Geneva on 22-28 May at which modifications may be made to existing authorities, extending the power of the WHO prior to the introduction of the actual pandemic treaty. This may reduce individual rights.

Final voting on the treaty will be next year with implementation in 2024.

The WHO has indicated that it will be open to further consultative input on 16 and 17 June (only).

At the bottom of this article are links to template letters for you to cut and paste onto a document for printing or an email to send to your MP and make your views known.

Who runs the WHO?

According to the WHO website, while most donors are from countries or their established agencies, the second largest contributor to the WHO finances (2020/21) was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which contributed $751,000,000 in 2020/21).

Some reports put the sponsorship of the WHO by pharmaceutical companies at 70 per cent, based on the fact that, within the countries listed as donors to the WHO, much of the donations are made by interested bodies (pharma) rather than governments themselves.

What can you do about this planned treaty?

Firstly, sign the petition seeking a referendum on this planned treaty. You will find the petition here. The more who show their concern the more notice MPs may take of the views they were elected to represent.

Secondly, it is important that you contact your MP with your personal view as quickly as possible. They need to know that we are awake, aware and will not take this lying down.

On May 21 and 22 there will be a World Wide Rally for Freedom in 150+ cities around the world including London, Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Bristol, Canterbury & Leeds. This rally will focus on being against restrictions on speech, movement, choice, assembly and health which will push back against authoritarian actions such as the planned WHO treaty.

Pass on this article to friends, contacts and social media followers to increase the awareness of this clear and present threat to our individual and collective well-being.

At the end of Jasmine Birtles’ article published on News Uncut, HERE, is a template you can use to contact your MP. You can also use the template from a previous The Exposé article, HERE.

You can find further resources for the World council for Health’s #StopTheWHO campaign HERE.

The significance of the proposed treaty and the implications of worldwide management of any health aspect of our lives, and those of subsequent generations, is too great for us not to react.

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