Why The Vaxxed are Acting Strange – And Why it Will Get Even Worse!


How many people do you know who took the shot, are having adverse effects?

The Spike Proteins seem to have a runaway production once injected, this is one of the issues.

The deception is greater than most of us can imagine.

Consider that they know their shot will kill you, wouldn’t it be wise to inject 80% of the subjects with saline solution so they can tell everyone how good they feel after receiving the shot, and the other 20% will be much easier to cover-up.

The most important goal of the globalists right now are getting you to take their shot, how many ways can they convince you that you should take their shot? They have a plan, and they have technology to constantly improve on their delivery of their plan…

Listen to how the mass die-offs will take place over the next 5 years and why…