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Yeah, COVID Was Just A Bad Flu After All. (And 22 Falsities You Probably Still Believe)

Nick Pineault

Table of Contents

COVID Transmission/Infection

Falsity #1: Children Can Easily Spread COVID to Adults, Including Their Teachers Falsity #2: COVID is Easily Spread By Asymptomatic Carriers Falsity #3: COVID Can Be Easily Spread Just By Someone You Cross on the Street Falsity #4: COVID Can Be Easily Spread on Surfaces Falsity #5: You Can Get Re-Infected With COVID Falsity #6: Social Distancing Is Based On Sound Science Falsity #7: Mask-Wearing-For-All Is Based On Sound Science Falsity #8: COVID has started spreading in Wuhan in December of 2019 Falsity #9: COVID is Spreading In An Exponential Manner

COVID Risks/Death Toll

Falsity #10: Returning Children to School is to Gamble With Their Life Falsity #11: COVID is Very Deadly For the General Population Falsity #12: COVID is a Death Sentence For The Elderly Falsity #13: COVID is a Death Sentence For Prisoners Falsity #14: COVID Has Killed 500,000+ Extra People Around The World This Year Falsity #15: Cont’d — 2020 Has Been A Very Deadly Year

COVID Policies/Treatments

Falsity #16: We Need More Ventilators Falsity #17: Lockdowns Have Saved Millions of Lives Falsity #18: Sweden Was Reckless in Its COVID Approach And Failed Falsity #19: Every Life Counts, And Lockdowns Don’t Have Health Consequences Falsity #20: Those Who Question the Corona-Panic Narrative Are Conspiracy Theorists Falsity #21: The US is Facing a Dangerous 2nd Wave Falsity #22: We’re Very Far From Herd Immunity, And Reopening Too Early Is Deadly

When Will The Corona Madness End?

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