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"Young People Are Dying at a Record Rate Since the Vaccines Rolled Out": Dr. William Makis

"We're now almost a third year into the rollout of the vaccines. Most people haven't taken a shot recently, and yet people are still dying," lamented Dr. Makis.

"So, that means the spike protein is probably causing ongoing damage that could be accumulating long-term."

Dr. Makis recommends some sort of detox plan. Here's a number of substances that can help:

• Nattokinase (part of Spike Support Formula)

• Bromelain

• Curcumin

• TWC's Spike Support Formula

• Quercetin

• Dandelion root

• Nigella sativa (part of Spike Support Formula)

• Olive leaf extract

• NAC (N-acetylcysteine)


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