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Your Children. Your Choice

A staggering number of doctors and scientists are speaking out about the dangers of vaccines.

In 1986 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Childhood Vaccine Schedule included 24 doses of 7 vaccines.

Today it's 72 doses of 16 vaccines.

In the same time span, chronic illness in children has skyrocketed from 12.8% to 54%.

Most of these chronic illnesses are listed as potential side effects of vaccines.

Most drugs in the U.S. must go through double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

Vaccines are complex chemical compounds with living cells, yet they are classified as "biologics", not "drugs".

Biologics do not use double-blind clinical trials or true placebos. In fact, no childhood vaccine has ever had double-blind saline placebo testing prior to FDA approval.

The CDC has never compared health outcomes in vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. The CDC's "research" compares vaccinated children with other vaccinated children.

An independent vaccinated vs unvaccinated study shows vaccinated children had higher odds of developing:




ADHD (4.2X)




In fact, 58,381 vaccine injuries were officially reported in 2018 alone, including death.

Less than 1% of vaccine injuries are actually reported - U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Funded Study. Suggesting that annual injuries could be more like 6 million.

Alarmingly, some vaccines don't follow medical standards accepted by nearly all hospitals.

Vaccines may not be the "miracle" of civilization they are made out to be. Historical data shows disease mortality had declined prior to vaccines.

Who is responsible for vaccine safety?

Merck, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Pfizer, Sanofi.

The 4 vaccine-makers have been indicted over 113 times for criminal conduct and paid fines in excess of $33 billion for:

Falsifying data

Bribing doctors

Lying to the public

One of the four - Merck - is now in court for falsifying data on the MMR vaccine.

A senior scientist confessed the CDC manipulated data to remove a significant correlation between vaccines and brain injury. This is just one example of blatant corruption at the CDC.

Congress has found a revolving door between between the CDC and vaccine-makers. A former CDC director exited the CDC in 2009 and quickly joined Merck, earning a $2.5 million salary plus stock options.

Julie Gerberding.

And since a 1986 Act, vaccine makers have been free of liability, even for negligence.

So why does my doctor recommend vaccines?

Doctors follow CDC recommendations without questioning the underlying research. Doctors often receive a $400 bonus for every child that is fully vaccinated.

Many physicians who have looked deeply at the research respond in shock.

Who should decide whether or not you or the CDC and Big Pharma?

Pharma funded media is censoring the issue, it's up to us to share the real facts.

Hundreds of Bills aim to prevent parents, and even doctors, from making a choice about vaccination.

Your children. Your choice.

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