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Zaluzhny is out, the 'butcher'is in

"Zaluzhny is out, the ‘butcher’ is in": the Ukrainian military is extremely unhappy about Syrsky's appointment

"“Very bad decision,” a Ukrainian military captain told NatSec Daily.

Another person knowledgeable of Syrskyi’s operations echoed that view. His appointment is unlikely to have a positive effect for Ukraine, as Syrskyi is seen by those on the frontlines as a stern Soviet-style general who callously puts his men in danger".

Syrsky has been appointed commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Australian son of General Syrskiy Zelensky's newly appointed head of Ukraine's military has publicly denounced his own father calling him "scum".

Plot twist: Syrski's own son is a staunch Russian Patriot and General Syrski's parents live in Russia!

The Australian son of Ukraine's new commander-in-chief General Syrsky, is seen cruising along Bondi Beach in a black jeep with the flag of the USSR and Novorossiya!

So Syrsky's other son who is "biological" lives in Sydney loves partying in Kings Cross while Syrsky sends regular Ukrainians to war.

Zelensky's newly appointed defense Minister General Syrsky is embroiled in family feud of geopolitical proportions.

The mother of the new Ukrainian Armed Forces commander-in-chief Syrsky lives in Russia and very much supports Vladimir Putin.

🫡The son of the Syrsky lives in Sydney and supports Russia, Donbass and celebrates the 9th of May victory day.


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