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Zelenskyy Wants To Turn Ukraine Into ‘A Big Israel’ And The Military Industrial Complex Loves The Id

According to the estimates of Hebrew demographer Sergio DellaPergola’s “World Jewish Population, 2016,” Ukraine is home to between 56,000 and 140,000 Jews, making it the fourth largest Jewish community in Europe and the eleventh largest in the world. Ukrainian Jews are prevalent throughout Ukrainian society, including high offices of the state.

Ukraine's total population is just over 41 million.

So Zelenskyy, himself a Jew (KM), Wants To Turn Ukraine Into ‘A Big Israel’ with less than 0.3% of the population being Jewish.

I wonder what Ukrainians might have to say about that, considering they've been battered and murdered by Khazarians for so many decades.

More anti-semetism coming soon? Funny how the right wing nazis, traditionally staunch anti-semites, won't bite the hands that feed them...

...Yet! Dumbed down and sent to the Eastern front to be slaughtered.

So many yet to wake up everywhere, whilst being slaughtered everywhere.

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