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Breaking news – A Very Important and Urgent 8 Page Letter Sent to King Charles III Former Police Officer Mark Sexton has sent “a very important and urgent 8 page letter to King Charles III with a request for a national reply. “A lot of time and hard work has gone into getting this produced,” says Mark, who adds, “If you understand why this letter needs to be sent by as many people as possible and how it impacts the monarch, the country and the constitution then please send it.” Mark Sexton who has worked tirelessly over the last few years to try and bring justice to all those involved in the orchestrating of crimes against humanity, says “All avenues in their system have to be exhausted!!!” Referring to the letter to King Charles, he states: “Yes I know he’s WEF. Yes I know how corrupt the whole system is. Yes I know it needs the people to take back control. Yes I know many will say “not my king” Yes I know they all protect each other. Yes I know there are many anti monarchy. Yes I know, I know…..” Mark Sexton Petition of Right, claim of right of redress and remedy of grievance. His Royal Highness King Charles III Your majesty, We the people below undersigned, being born as the case may be to the landsknown respectively as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and theCommonwealth seek urgent intervention from his majesty. To address ourserious concerns surrounding the criminal acts being committed against us bythe U.K Government and Parliament. Since July 2023 many thousands of men and women across Britain havewritten to and emailed the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and all sitting membersof Parliament removing our consent to be governed by any corrupt,compromised, belligerent, criminal government or Parliament and that we willnot comply. We demanded they stand down and must no longer receiveanymore public money. The Government and Parliament no longer represent the interests of thepeople, they represent corrupted and unelected corporations and foundations.These same non Government organisations, The World Economic Forum,World Health Organisation, The United Nations and others are seeking tointerfere with and change our laws, subvert our sovereignty and ourconstitution. This must not be allowed to happen. The constant state of fear, worry, stress, uncertainty and debt inflicted upon usat every turn from Government and Parliament must be stopped. Of hugeconcern is the fact there is no viable or credible opposition. With this in mindthe people seek urgent remedy from his majesty and request Parliament issuspended, ministers are sacked and a temporary interim Government of thepeople is installed to bring about much needed reassurances, to remove thefears, stress, worry and the significant burdens of unprecedented and risingdebt. Our supreme protection is His Majesty’s obligation under the Coronation Oath.This Oath is a signed contract between his majesty and the people. The dutiesarising from the relationship of sovereign and subject are reciprocal.Protection , that is the security and governance of his dominions according tolaw. It must be observed that the prerogatives are vested in his majesty for thebenefit of his subjects and that his majesty is under and not above the law.We refer to previous interventions by the people where our Parliament wasacting outside of its jurisdiction and committing Treason against her majestyQueen Elizabeth II and the people. In 1972 then Prime minister Ted Heath signed the European EconomicCommittees Bill handing over our sovereign rights to a foreign entity thuscommitting Treason and Sedition. The official secrets act protected thesedocuments for a period of thirty years, but, now, they are in the public domainshowing and proving this Bill was signed by the Government of the day withmalice and aforethought. The full document is available and accessed here inthe archives. Sir, your attention is also drawn to the 23rd of March 2001. Article 61 of thegreat charter of Freedoms The Magna Carta, sealed in perpetuity and neverrepealed came into effect. High Treason was evidently committed by thenPrime Minister Anthony Charles Lyndon Blair whom signed the Treasonous EUTreaty of Nice on the 26th of January 2001. The Barons petitioned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II regarding theTreasonous Treaty of Nice and the fact this act was contrary to and without thewishes and permission of the people.Her Majesty was duty bound to protect the realm and thus acted in breach ofher Coronation Oath, a signed and binding contract to protect and serve thepeople under God. Sir Robin Janvrin, private secretary to Her Majesty The Queen replied to theBarons and he cites; “As a constitutional sovereign, Her Majesty is advised by her Government whosupport this treaty.” If this be the case, since 2001 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was in clearbreach of The Coronation Oath and this has very serious and far reachingimplications. Of huge importance and significance this dictates that Article 61of the Magna Carta is still invoked and that satisfactory remedy by themonarch, for the people, has still not been made to this day.So it is clear that no one, neither Sovereign nor Parliament, nor Governmentnor people, may tamper with, dismantle, destroy or surrender ourconstitution. We are all tenants of it and trustees.We inherited these rights and we have a supreme responsibility to pass themin good order for future generations. They are not ours to discard or diminish.Which is why the oaths of allegiance place an essential limitation onparliament’s power and on the monarch and for that very reason theCoronation Oath is crucial. Sir, The Coronation Oath is a moral obligation, a religious obligation, a swornobligation, a contractual obligation, a statutory obligation, a common-lawobligation, a customary obligation and an obligation on all who swearallegiance. It is the duty of government and it is sworn for the nation, theCommonwealth and all dominions. Therefore the Coronation Oath is the peak of a pyramid and all subordinateoaths are bound by its limitations. We are in unprecedented times and the people of Britain are victims of manygrievous crimes at the hands of this rogue and belligerent Government andParliament. The most important duty of the monarch is for the protection of the peopleand the safe guarding of our land and our constitution. Your loyal subjects arebeing persecuted by the incumbent Government and Parliament. The manycries for help and assistance made to The Police, The Judiciary and The CivilService are being wilfully and deliberately ignored. Why? We respectfully bring to your attention the following powers bestowed uponthe monarchy. Constitutional Arbitration – In times of Crisis, as with a hung Parliament, thelack of an automatic choice of Prime Minister or an unjustifiable andunnecessary request for a dissolution of Parliament, the Monarchy provides animpartial and non-political arbitrator, like an umpire called in when the playerscannot agree. It would also be able to intervene if the government acted un-constitutionally by, say putting the opposition in jail, abolishing elections, or instructing the police not to prosecute members of the government for criminal offences . Sir, right now many obvious criminal offences are being committed against usand have been since March 2020. The police have wilfully ignored our manyrequests for help and blatantly dismissed a vast amount of irrefutable anddamning evidence of crimes being committed by Government ministers. Wetherefore deem this a time of crisis and we seek your intervention to instructthe Police to act in our best Interests, without fear or favour and to uphold thelaws of the land. The other powers of Royal prerogative include but are not limited to; The power to appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister. The power to appoint and dismiss other ministers. The power to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament. The power to make war and peace. The power to command the armed forces of the United Kingdom. The power to regulate the Civil Service. Our borders are not secure and we are being invaded by hundreds ofthousands of fighting age men from foreign shores. This is a threat to oursecurity and our women and children are at risk of harm. This is costing us, thetax payer, upwards of eight million pounds per day to house these illegalimmigrants in three, four and even five star hotels. All of this is happeningwhile we have an epidemic of homelessness of our own men and women andthis includes many of our own hero veterans. How is this allowed to continue? Sir, we therefore deem this a time of crisis and we seek your intervention toinstruct our Royal Navy to patrol and protect our waters and our borders froma criminal invasion. We are victims of a rogue and criminal Government and Parliament. We areasking you to exercise your sovereign powers and protect the people, ourborders, our land, our constitution, our country and our future. Child sexualabuse and Human trafficking continues unabated, we are facing a mentalhealth crisis, our young men and women are suffering the most.Our children are being sexualised, indoctrinated and confused by a wicked andevil agenda regarding gender transitions and reassignments, this must stop.Our food and water are being deliberately contaminated exasperated by theconstant spraying of our skies with Chemtrails. We have exhausted every legal avenue demanding the crimes beingperpetrated against us are stopped. We are seeing a catastrophic amount ofexcess deaths all since the rollout of the very dangerous, unsafe and ineffectiveCovid-19 injections. Despite the vast amount of evidence clearly pointing tothe injections causing mass death and harms, they continue. The harrowingtreatment and mass Democide of our elderly using end of life drugs in thehospitals and care homes is an indelible stain on our nation, our morality andour souls. May God almighty forgive all of us for allowing these wicked and evilacts to have happened. The following ministers, police forces, military, organisations, governing bodiesand regulators have been contacted many times, by thousands of people fromall over the British Isles via, phone calls, emails, letters, face to faceinteractions and many meetings. Yet all are either ignored or dismissed and thecrimes and harms continue. 1, Significant Criminal complaints to The Metropolitan, West Midlands,Warwickshire and Thames Valley police. Plus thousands more to all otherpolice forces U.K. wide, all either dismissed or ignored. 2, The IOPC (independent Office of Police conduct). 3, To many of the police Crime Commissioners. 4, Sadiq Khan Mayor of London’s office. 5, The police federation of England and Wales. 6, The Metropolitan Police Federation. 7, Direct to Sir Graham Brady MP, head of the Conservative 1922committee in a meeting with sixteen world renowned experts in September2021. 8, Direct to Nadhim Zahawi MP vaccine minister. 9, Direct to Theresa Coffey MP Health secretary. 10, Direct to Chris Philp MP policing minister. 11, UKHSA Head office. 12, NICE Head office 13, NHS Head office 14, Direct to Cressida Dick former commissioner of the Met. 15, Direct to Stephen House former acting commissioner of the Met. 16, Direct to Sir Mark Rowley current commissioner of the Met. 17, Direct to Baroness Hallett chair of independent inquiry. 18, Direct to Hugo Keith lead barrister at independent inquiry. 19, Direct to Andy Cooke head of her Majesties inspector of constabulary. 20, Direct to the association of crime commissioners and chief officers. 21, Direct to General Sir Mark Carlton Smith head of the British army. 22, Direct to the high court in London. 23, Direct to the international criminal court in The Hague December 2021. 24, Multiple submissions to the MHRA. 25, Multiple submissions to the GMC. 26, Direct to Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland. 27, Direct to the Lord Chief Justice Burnett. It is incomprehensible only one MP in Parliament is raising the alarm,representing the people and trying to protect our country and that MP isAndrew Bridgen. Yet he is ridiculed, investigated, de-platformed and openlymocked on social media, but of more concern, he is abused by his colleagueswhile carrying out his duties in Parliament. This is overt bullying of the worstkind towards a democratically elected representative of the people, the peopleand our country he so honourably serves. The rights and protections of the people are laid out in the great charter, TheMagna Carta of 1215 and in particular we refer again to article 61.The Magna Carta and The Declaration Of Rights are contracts between theSovereign and the people. They are not statute laws therefore they cannot berepealed. Both were claimed to be self evident freedoms, existing by rightequally and both were based on a concept of permanence. Sir, if you choose not to intervene as is your sworn duty and royal prerogative,the people will have no choice, but, to protect their families, their propertiesand their country from this belligerent Government and Parliament. The wilfuland on going failings of our publicly paid servants, The Police, The Judiciary andThe Civil Service leaves us to fend for ourselves. How can this be? Article 61, states; Until redress has been obtained as deemed fit by the community of the realm,distrain and distress in all possible ways will take place, by seizing the castles,the lands and possessions and in any other way they can. No harms will cometo any person and when redress has been obtained our relationships willcontinue as before. (Literal quote of Article 61 is on the last page). Your Majesty, we are at your mercy and seek your immediate intervention inorder to save lives, save our country and to save and protect our constitution.The children really are our future. We all have an on going duty to make sure itis safe, secure, fulfilled and a happy one to enjoy with all of our God givenfreedoms fully intact. These very freedoms are what we owe our children andwe must guarantee and secure them. In order for our communities to succeed we must have a democracy built onfairness, transparency and equality in law. Right now we are living in anautocratic dictatorship. Our freedom of speech, freedom of movement and ourinnate and inalienable rights and freedoms under God are being stripped fromus by a rogue Government and Parliament unduly influenced by unelected,non governmental organisations and foundations. We say “NO.” Enough is enough. We will not accept them and we did not vote for them. This is an act ofTreason against His Majesty and against every sovereign Man and Woman ofthe realm, a realm that we call home. We will protect it and her people. The people await your earliest response by national broadcast, so we may lookforward to resuming in full, the proper and lawful relationship between we thepeople and our constitutionally aligned Government. It is the decision of eachliving man and woman if they choose to distrain and seek remedy, be it byseizing public buildings, withholding taxes or by any other lawful constraintsthey feel appropriate to them. Without causing harm to another or damagingany property and by standing in their own sovereign truth. Your Majesty, Please honour the oath you swore to the people, to our constitution and with God as your witness. In peace, truth and gratitude, we are all man, made in the image of thecreator. Your faithful subject Void where lawfully prohibited THE GREAT CHARTER OF FREEDOMS THE MAGNA CARTA 1215 Article 1; part quote, We have first of all granted to God and by this our present charter confers forourselves and our heirs in perpetuity (eternity, forever), that the Englishchurch is to be and to have its full rights and its liberties intact and we wish thisobserved accordingly. Article 13; And the city of London is to have all its ancient liberties and free customs, bothon land and on water. Moreover we wish and grant that all other cities,boroughs, towns and ports are to have all their liberties and free customs. Article 39; No free man shall be taken, imprisoned, stripped of his rights or possessions,outlawed or exiled or in any way ruined, nor will we proceed against orprosecute him except by the lawful judgement of his peers and by the law ofthe land. Article 40; We will not sell, or deny, or delay right or justice to anyone. Article 61; part quote, The following security was granted, if we, our Chief Justice, our officials or anyof our servants offend in any respect against any man, or transgress any of thearticles of the peace or of this security and the offence is made known, the saidtwenty five Barons may distrain upon and assail us in every way possible, withthe support of the WHOLE COMMUNITY OF THE LAND, by seizing our castles,lands, possessions, or anything else saving only our own person and those ofthe queen/king and our children, until they have secured such redress as theyhave determined upon, they may then resume their normal obedience to us. The Magna Carta has been triggered (invoked) five times in our history . 1216, 1258, 1500, 1688/89 and 2001 The Treaty of Nice The wishes of the people must be heard. Enough really is enough. If this resonates with you then print and send recorded delivery. The address and letter can both be found by clicking on the link and just scroll down to the bottom of the page. –

Breaking news – A Very Important and Urgent 8 Page Letter Sent to King Charles III
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