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  • Lettuce Virus X and the weaponisation of food In an article titled ‘Virus X is Not What Anyone is Expecting’ posted on her Substack, Karen Kingston highlighted an interview from more than 20 years ago with the late Michael Crichton, author of many bestselling novels including ‘Jurassic Park’. Crichton’s books have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, and over a dozen have been adapted into films. On 26 November 2002, Crichton was interviewed by American journalist and talk show host Charlie Rose about his book ‘Prey’ which was published that month. He also discussed “the dangers of self-replicating biosynthetic pathogens (or what we call genetically modified viruses), gene editing and the dangers of highly advanced biotechnologies,” Kingston said. The synopsis of Prey reads: In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong. A cloud of nanoparticles – micro-robots – has escaped from the laboratory. This cloud is self-sustaining and self-reproducing. It is intelligent and learns from experience. For all practical purposes, it is alive. It has been programmed as a predator. It is evolving swiftly, becoming more deadly with each passing hour. Every attempt to destroy it has failed. And we are the prey. As Britannica notes, although he was often criticised by the scientific community for being sensationalist, Crichton was known for the careful research that went into his work. For example, he meticulously studied the science underlying the premise of Jurassic Park. “Crichton continued to postulate on the effects of scientific advancements in works of science fiction such as Prey (2002), about nanotechnology; Next (2005), in which he returned to the blurry ethical boundaries of genetic engineering; and the 2005 thriller State of Fear, his polemical take on global warming,” Britannica notes. Crichton described his book Prey as follows: In the case of Prey, I was interested in knowing where three trends might be going – distributed programming, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. As a concept, nanotechnology dates back to a 1959 speech by Richard Feynman called There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom. Forty years later, the field is still very much in its infancy. But practical applications are starting to appear. Nanotechniques are already being used to make sunscreens, stain-resistant fabrics, and composite materials in cars. Soon they will be used to make computers and storage devices of extremely small size. And some of the long-anticipated “miracle” products have started to appear as well. In 2002, one company was manufacturing self-cleaning window glass; another made a nanocrystal wound dressing with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Prey: In His Own Words In 2002, Michael Crichton wrote an article ‘Could Tiny Machines Rule the World’ for Parade magazine that coincided with the release of his novel, Prey.  In the following excerpt, Crichton speculates about how nanotechnology could change our world.  We were unable to find a copy of the original article published by Parade on 24 November 2002, however, there is an extract published on the Michael Crichton website and also by The Fountain magazine, a publication controlled by the Gülen or Hizmet movement. Crichton says: “These organisms [self-reproducing tiny computers] will be created by nanotechnology, perhaps the most radical technology in human history: the quest to build man-made machines of extremely small size, on the order of 100 nanometres, or 100/billionths of a meter. Such machines would be 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Experts predict that these tiny machines will provide everything from miniaturised computer components to new medical treatments to new military weapons. In the 21st century, they will change our world totally.” Nanotechnology, The Fountain, 1 July 2003 Two days after his article was published in Parade, Crichton was interviewed by Charlie Rose. “I’m quite worried about the whole area of self-reproducing technologies – which is already biotechnology … [With genetic engineering] conceivably, just conceivably, if there was some kind of a virus that interfered with the photosynthesis, in enough plants … everything’s gone. The biosphere is essentially wiped out,” he warned. Michael Crichton interview on Charlie Rose about ‘Prey’, 26 November 2002, (32 mins) If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it and read the transcript on Charlie Rose’s website HERE. What Crichton was referring to is self-replicating biosynthetic viruses that could infect plants and hijack the photosynthesis process, Kingston wrote. “Please see THIS 2022 report on self-replicating biosynthetic pathogens being bred into plants to hijack the photosynthesis process.” Lettuce Virus X In 2008, Springer Link published an article about a virus infecting lettuce in Tehran province in Iran. The article stated: Based on particle morphology, physicochemical properties and the complete genome sequence, this virus is a member of a new species in the genus Potexvirus, for which the name lettuce virus X (LeVX) is proposed. Biological assays using an infectious cDNA clone and a wild-type isolate of LeVX revealed that the virus, despite reaching high concentrations in all lettuce cultivars tested, does not cause symptoms in lettuce. Dizadji, A., Koohi-Habibi, M., Izadpanah, K. et al. Characterisation of lettuce virus X, a new potexvirus infecting lettuce in Iran. Arch Virol 153, 1867–1875 (2008). For 180 euros, LeVX virus inoculum – any part of the pathogen that can initiate infection – can be purchased from the German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (“DSMZ”). “There are NO known Nagoya Protocol restrictions for [LeVX],” DSMZ states. DSMZ claims to be the world’s most diverse collection of biological resources – bacteria, archaea, protists, yeasts, fungi, bacteriophages, plant viruses, genomic bacterial DNA as well as human and animal cell lines – providing all users with the necessary legal certainty in the handling of their bioresources under the Nagoya Protocol, a 2010 supplementary agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Related:  Under the guise of biodiversity, they want to genetically manipulate all living things According to Wikipedia, DSMZ is a global supplier of microorganisms and cell cultures for university, non-university and industrial research with more than 10,000 customers in over 80 countries.  It is a member of several international organisations such as the European Culture Collections’ Organisation (“ECCO”), the World Federation for Culture Collections (“WFCC”) and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (“GBIF”), which is a partner in the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. Related: Global Public Private Partnership on The Exposé At the end of March, the Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill dubbed the “House Lettuce bill” which defines any food that “contains a vaccine or vaccine material” as a drug under Tennessee law and the “food” would have to be labelled as a “vaccine.” “Lettuce is being weaponised with mRNA, not medicated,” Kingston said. Lettuce Virus X, or what we call “mRNA Vaccine Lettuce” includes mRNA viruses that hijack the chloroplasts of green plants to produce highly infectious pathogens instead of oxygen. Please see this report of the China National GeneBank Plant Databases and Lettuce Virus X. [Note: The ‘Lettice Virus X’ article Kingston linked to is behind a paywall.  However, we were able to find Lettuce Virus X on the China National GeneBank so we can assume she is using the term, abbreviated to LeVX, as described above.] If you’d like to better understand synthetic biology, Lettuce Virus X, mRNA gene editing technologies, and how you can protect you and your community, please subscribe to The Kingston Report [on Substack]. Virus X is Not What Anyone is Expecting, Karen Kingston, 15 April 2024

  • Massive Rallies Break Out in Japan Against WHO’s Pandemic Treaty. – ‘Don’t Underestimate the Japanese’ “Let’s stop the third atomic bomb with our hands, in the hands of the Japanese people!” April 13, 2024, will be etched in the annals of modern Japanese history as tens of thousands of citizens across the nation came together in a series of pandemic rallies. The protests centered on the widespread opposition to the Pandemic Treaty, with escalating concerns over “infectious disease” and “public health” becoming potent tools for an unprecedented push towards what is perceived by many as a totalitarian surveillance society. Source The following was written by Aussie 17 in Pharma Files. Massive Rallies Break Out in Japan Against WHO’s Pandemic Treaty. – ‘Don’t Underestimate the Japanese’ From the bustling streets of Ikebukuro to the gatherings at Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park, the sheer scale of participation speaks volumes. Organizers aimed for a monumental turnout of 100,000 protesters to demand answers on crucial issues, such as the stark increase in excess deaths and the lack of transparency on the adverse effects following vaccinations. The protest not just opposed potential mandatory vaccinations but also the perceived overreach of health authorities and their ties with global pharma, echoing a distressing sentiment of disenfranchisement among the populace. Demonstrators criticized the lack of explanations for a sharp increase in excess deaths and demanded accountability and clarity on vaccine-related casualties. Eminent speakers, including Professor Masayasu Inoue and modern history researcher Chikatsu Hayashi, provided compelling pre-demonstration speeches that laid bare the concerning dynamics between global health authorities and pharmaceutical agendas. Professor Inoue highlighted the concerning trend of our health being weaponized in what he termed as “a third world war fought with information.” He urged the public to resist introducing genetic vaccines into their bodies, implicating a significant portion of WHO’s funding comes from pharmaceutical giants and private interests like the Bill Gates Foundation. This follows Japan’s Message to the world delivered by Prof Inoue a few days ago. Modern history researcher Prof Chikatsu Hayashi’s address was a rallying cry to resist the encroaching shadows of global totalitarianism, symbolically referring to the proactive stance against it as “stopping the third atomic bomb with our hands.” His poignant discourse highlighted a national movement poised against not only the Pandemic Treaty but also the underlying structures threatening Japan’s sovereignty and the well-being of its citizens. April 13 marked not just a protest against a treaty but a stand against a future where health becomes a lever for control and surveillance. The massive turnout signifies a critical moment in Japan’s civic engagement. It’s a call from its people for autonomy, transparency, and the reassessment of global health governance that resonates beyond its borders. Today, Japan stands at the forefront, questioning, challenging, and seeking change for a future where health policy respects national sovereignty and individual rights. Video Sources here, here, here. Don’t Underestimate the Japanese! Translation of the X post below: “The chants from the front group were far away! There was no megaphone, so I barked in my normal voice! A huge number of friends! It is supposed to be the largest demonstration in Japanese history. Don’t mess with me, WHO! Don’t underestimate the Japanese!” Source: PharmaFiles by Aussie 17 –

  • Radio Wave Frequencies CAN INDEED Modify the weather

    The US Government says it is possible to modify the weather using electromagnetic radiation (radio waves).

  • Bill Copper on Israel's Role in the One World Government

    “Israel was created as the instrument to bring about the battle of Armageddon..."

  • Western taxpayers are funding the global rollout of the controligarchs’ surveillance and control system Dozens of national governments, along with the United Nations and Bill Gates, are collaborating on a global initiative called “50 in 5” to implement a “digital public infrastructure” within five years. This infrastructure includes central bank digital currencies, digital identification, comprehensive data systems and more, all aimed at functioning across national borders. It will enable total surveillance and control of people, with every transaction being tracked and controlled. The program is guided by the United Nations and various elitists, including Bill Gates and the Rockefellers, with funding from US and European taxpayers. UN and Bill Gates Behind “Digital Public Infrastructure” for Global Control By Alex Newman as published by Frontline News Dozens of national governments are joining with the United Nations and billionaire population-control fanatic Bill Gates on a global program to impose “digital public infrastructure” (“DPI”) on their citizens within five years. This “DPI” includes central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”), digital identification (“digital ID”), comprehensive data systems and more, all functional across national borders. The new scheme, unveiled late last year and moving ahead rapidly, is known as “50 in 5” because 50 governments expect to have the Orwellian “digital infrastructure” of tyranny in place within five years. Almost a dozen governments, including numerous corrupt kleptocracies and socialist regimes, have volunteered their populations to serve as “First Mover” countries so far. However, the UN’s assumption is that every government will eventually impose this on every person on Earth. This is clearly expressed throughout its announcements. “All countries, regardless of income level, geography, or where they are in their digital transformation journey, can benefit from being a part of 50-in-5,” the UN agency behind the scheme declared. “Joining the campaign helps ensure countries don’t have to tackle DPI implementation alone or start from scratch.” Led by the UN Development Programme (“UNDP”), the new “digital infrastructure” is being framed as a tool to accelerate the imposition of the highly controversial UN’s 2030 Agenda “Sustainable Development Goals” (“SDGs”), referred to in 2015 by key UN leaders as the “Master Plan for Humanity.” The SDGs, as they are known, call for global wealth redistribution and drastically more government power over people’s lives at all levels. The mass-murdering regime ruling China boasted of playing a “crucial role” in developing the plan. Gates, who had a troubling relationship with convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, celebrated the role of these technologies in imposing the UN SDGs on humanity. “The G20 reached a groundbreaking consensus on the role of digital public infrastructure as a critical accelerator of the Sustainable Development Goals,” he said on Twitter. “I’m optimistic about the potential of DPI to support a safer, healthier, and more just world.” The whole program is being guided by the UN and elitists including Gates and others such as the Rockefellers, longtime financiers of globalism, eugenics, and population-control schemes. Multiple front groups steered by such “controligarchs” were created for the purpose. But US and European taxpayers are being conscripted to foot much of the bill via UN agencies and international “development” banks. If not stopped, critics say the new suite of “digital public goods” and “infrastructure” will create a technological panopticon allowing for total surveillance and control of all people everywhere. Indeed, as the 2030 Agenda makes clear, “no one will be left behind.” Once in full swing, literally every transaction would be tracked, monitored, and controlled. UN bureaucrats put a happy face on the program. “For UNDP, a DPI approach that combines people-centric governance is critical to ensure that this new infrastructure can accelerate the [2030 Agenda] SDGs,” argued Keyzom Ngodup Massally, head of digital programs at UNDP. “This country-led 50-in-5 campaign is a core part of how UNDP continues to support meaningful global digital cooperation and strengthens local ecosystems to design and implement rights-based DPI.” Already, virtually all national governments and central banks around the world are working on central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”), according to the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland which is helping to guide and coordinate the rolling out of such currencies worldwide. As cash is sidelined and then disappears, CBDCs will create a permanent record of all transactions. Perhaps even more troubling, the digital currencies will also be programmable, leading experts and officials say. That will allow governments an unprecedented degree of control over the economy and individual decisions of consumers. In fact, the Biden White House has even called for CBDCs to advance “racial equity” and “environmental priorities.” Leading luminaries have called for them to track individual carbon footprints, too. Along with CBDCs, governments around the world are rolling out digital IDs to go with them. The Australian Senate just voted to approve such a system last week. Multiple American state governments, including some controlled entirely by Republicans, are pursuing similar schemes. And various organisations associated with Gates, the Rockefeller dynasty, and the UN have been promoting such IDs for years, including through groups such as ID2020. Ultimately, the digital IDs and CBDCs will become inseparable. The Financial Times  discussed the relationship between all the different systems in the digital infrastructure system in a 2021 piece headlined ‘Why CBDCs Will Likely Be ID-based’. It reveals how CBDCs and digital IDs can (and will) be used together to ultimately control people. “What CBDC research and experimentation appears to be showing is that it will be nigh on impossible to issue such currencies outside of a comprehensive national digital ID management system,” wrote the Financial Times’ Izabella Kaminska. “Meaning: CBDCs will likely be tied to personal accounts that include personal data, credit history and other forms of relevant information.” Eventually, healthcare will become intertwined with all of it, as CCP-backed World Health Organisation (“WHO”) boss (and former ethno-Marxist terrorist leader) Tedros Ghebreyesus explained. “The covid-19 pandemic highlighted the value of digital health solutions in facilitating access to health services,” he declared before touting covid “vaccine passports” imposed by the European Union (“EU”). The WHO is now using the EU’s system to design a similar regime for all of humanity. Top globalists have hinted at where this is all going. “The trick is to build public digital infrastructure, that is interoperable, open to all and trusted. Let me give you one example that is reality today,” said EU “President” Ursula von der Leyen at the G20 summit in September. “Many of you are familiar with the covid-19 digital certificate. The EU developed it for itself. The model was so functional and so trusted that 51 countries on 4 continents adopted it for free.” A social credit score whereby each person receives a rank based on his or her compliance with technocrats’ demands is essentially inevitable under this regime as well, critics say. “Advocates are adamant that DPI is essential for participation in markets and society – just like we saw with vaccine passports – only on a much broader scope,” explained The Sociable editor Tim Hinchliffe, one of the first to sound the alarm. The potential for control, he continued, is almost endless. “If successful, DPI will give governments and corporations the power to implement systems of social credit that can determine where and how you can travel, what you are allowed to consume, and how you will be able to transact with your programmable money,” added Hinchliffe. Of course, this sort of system already exists in Communist China, something The New American has been warning about for almost a decade. The Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) serves as a “role model,” according to World Economic Forum (“WEF”) boss and Great Reset frontman Klaus Schwab and countless other globalists. And so, it is only a matter of time before such a regime is eventually unveiled in the West without massive opposition. Tracking children is at the top of the priority list, according to the WEF, as the data gathered is used to make decisions for people. “Fundamentally, a digital public infrastructure is about enabling data to flow seamlessly across sectors and systems, thereby enabling data-driven decision-making and policies,” the globalist organisation says in a piece about tracking children with DPI. The “Digital Public Infrastructure” will also fuel increasing restrictions on everyday life, including on movement amid the emergence of 15-minute cities. It will be used to impose all sorts of mandates, including “lockdown” policies under pretexts ranging from alleged “public health” emergencies to supposed man-made “climate change,” opponents are warning, citing statements by the peddlers of these systems. But it gets weirder. At the end of what Schwab describes as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” there will be a “fusion of our digital, our physical, and our biological identities,” the German technocrat has said on multiple occasions. The full implications of that vision have not been worked out, but Schwab himself frequently promotes microchips to be implanted inside of human brains, among other transhumanist schemes. The “50 in 5” campaign for DPI officially launched late last year in New York. It aims to “radically shorten” the length of time that it would take to digitise everything from identification to currency. That will happen through collaboration between the UN and governments as they share technology to eventually create an interoperable system in at least 50 countries by 2028. The whole world is expected to follow suit. In addition to the UNDP, the Gates Foundation and the governments that have already signed up, a wide array of AstroTurf groups and UN agencies is also involved – many of them funded by governments as well as profiteers such as Gates and his technocratic allies. These include UNICEF, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure and the Digital Public Goods Alliance. The first governments to jump on the bandwagon – most with promises of “free” money extracted from Western taxpayers – include Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Moldova, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Togo. A handful of wealthier governments, including those in Norway and Singapore, have also signed on. “These countries serve as beacons of progress and inspiration for countries to build their own digital foundations and improve their economies and the well-being of people,” claimed the UNDP in a press release announcing the first 11 governments to participate in imposing these digital surveillance and control tools on their populations. By bringing 50 governments into the program, the UN is hoping each one can focus on one area or element of the “DPI” scheme. Then, each government will share what it learned with other governments, so the digital surveillance and control architecture can be imposed faster and in a way that transcends national borders. Sierra Leonean Minister of Communication, Technology, and Innovation Salima Monorma Bah called on all governments to sign on. “Sierra Leone is excited to be part of 50-in-5 and urges everyone else to join the campaign – the next five years are the window of opportunity to speed up safe and inclusive DPI implementation together and thereby accelerate positive outcomes for people globally,” Bah said. Even as totalitarian technocrats rush ahead with these technologies, opposition is growing. In Florida, for example, a new law has officially banned CBDCs. Numerous other states are pursuing similar measures. After the devastating lies and tyranny that underpinned the covid “pandemic” were exposed, billions of people around the world are unlikely to ever have their trust in institutions restored, with most Americans now saying the media is an “enemy.” About the Author Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant who co-wrote the book ‘Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children’. He writes for diverse publications in the United States and abroad.  He is a senior editor for The New American.

  • ‘The Metropolitan Police Finally Admit They Know What’s Going On’ and ‘It’s All Being Suppressed.’ Have The Metropolitan Police finally admitted they know what’s going on out there? asks former police officer Mark Sexton who later tweeted on the X platform “The Metropolitan Police the biggest police force in the U.K., admit they know there are issues out there re the vaccines and it’s all being suppressed.” Mark Sexton came to this conclusion following his recent call to the Metropolitan police crime desk/victim focus team where he asked for an update on crime number 01/62447/24. This was the crime number he was issued following his criminal complaint at Acton police station, London on Friday 8th of March 2024 for allegations against Sir Graham Brady MP, Dame June Raine, The MHRA, Pfizer and the U.K Government, for misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, gross negligent manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and fraud by false representation. Dr Mike Yeadon had contributed to the complaint and had written a supporting letter at at this time (Our report here.). Later in the month of March, Mark emailed the MI5 office regarding “serious concerns and that we were being subjected to terrorism.” and the very next day received a call back from an officer who was reminded of the Terrorism Act and why Mark had concluded that this was what had occured in the UK. He said at this time: ‘All evidence clearly points to a preplanned, well funded attack, not just in the UK but around the world against the people. This is with the knowledge, and forethought of governments, civil servants, regulators and the media and we can prove that.” Mark asked: “How does the anti terrorism organisation and MI5 plan to deal with this information because it is a clear act of terrorism? “These criminals need to be arrested..…’ (Our report on this update can be read here) New Update “It’s clear they know and allow it to continue.” Mark has said and continues: “MI5 and The Anti Terrorism Unit know also and they are ignoring all correspondence and refuse to engage any further.A complaint was made to The Met, acknowledged and yet again I’m being ignored despite their promises to contact me within 48 hours. The Metropolitan Police are clearly complicit in these heinous crimes, they’ve been given every opportunity to act and protect the public from harm, injury and death.How on earth can the British police knowingly turn a blind eye and watch its people die and suffer?It is absolutely right and in the public interest for me to share this. To the Constable on the call, I’m sorry, I know I gave my word not to release this and I’ve broken my promise but I was left with no choice. Many lives have already been lost and more are at risk, there has to be accountability and remedy for the millions of victims. To the British public, let it be known that all Chief Officers and Constables of all rank know what’s going on, they follow unlawful orders by being told to do nothing and refuse to help and support us, the public, the very people who pay them.In the absence of a functioning, caring, legitimate or lawful policing system we have every right, in law, to protect ourselves, our families and our property.” Mark Calls The Met Mark has recorded his most recent conversation with the Metropolitan Police, which he says he had to edit to remove all personal and private information. You can listen to this below. Lawyers of Light The Lawyers of Light group have spoken to Mark Sexton about his visit to the police prior to this call and the issue of misconduct in public office. Here are their thoughts and they say they would welcome other lawyers adding to this. “It is well known and provable that only a temporary authorisation for supply of Pfizer’s injectable had been granted at roll out in the UK, not a full marketing authorisation. As such the injectable was not even legally classed as a prescription only medicine. It is also now known from the SA Pfizer contract that the contract clearly stated that the efficacy and side effects of the injectable were unknown. A prudent or reasonable man would have told the public of the temporary authorisation, what it actually meant legally, and the lack of safety and efficacy claims in the contract for supply, that had been signed by the UK Govt. Public officers are held to a higher standard than the ordinary prudent reasonable man. Failure to reveal the above led to the injury of and deaths of people taking the injectable. It clearly isn’t safe and as the contract stated, the safety profile was unknown, and therefore could only come to light after people had taken it. This is what is known as a massive gamble with people’s lives. Misconduct in a public office may involve a positive act or an omission in circumstances where action is required. In Dytham (1979) QB 722, for example, a police officer was held to have been correctly convicted when he made no move to intervene during a disturbance in which a man was kicked to death. ( See definition of misconduct in public office below: Lawyers of Light assert “We think it’s that simple. We would be pleased to hear from other lawyers on this issue.” We Must Protect Each Other and Lawfully Take Back our Country From These Criminals. However, Mark concluded that “It’s never been more clear, nobody is coming to save us, not the police, nor the military or the judiciary. It’s up to us, the people, to come together as one, we must protect each other and lawfully take back our country from these criminals.We must do this for all of our children, to safeguard them and guarantee they have a happy, prosperous and safe future and their freedom is of paramount importance.”

  • Justin Trudeau Facing Life Behind Bars on Child Rape Charges

    Canada’s beleaguered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fighting for more than just his political life in the lead up to the national election, he’s fighting to avoid spending the rest of his life behind bars on child sex charges. Trudeau has already lost his marriage due to his sordid history as a sex offender, but he is about to lose a whole lot more according to investigators who revealed the globalist leader is about to be thrown under the bus and prosecuted on child rape charges if he loses the next election. According to investigators, Trudeau isn’t the only world leader or senior politician facing charges. A whole host of household names, including members of the US House and Senate, are sweating as the walls close in on them.

  • ChatGPT Can ‘Reduce Vaccine Hesitancy’ — by Parroting Public Health Narratives The research, which will be presented at the end of April at the Conference of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, found that ChatGPT’s responses to questions about vaccination were similar to those given by professional medical organizations and official guidelines. By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, can be used to reduce “vaccine hesitancy” among the general public and also provide advice on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), according to a new study. The research, which will be presented at the end of April at the Conference of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, found that ChatGPT’s responses to questions about vaccination were similar to those given by professional medical organizations and official guidelines. According to a press release about the research, “vaccine hesitancy, directly linked to misinformation — false, inaccurate information promoted as factual — is on the rise.” People who mistrust public health institutions may turn to ChatGPT for answers, as the popularity of the AI tool grows, it said. And if they do, the research shows they will get the responses the public health agencies would provide anyway. Given those findings, the researchers hope ChatGPT can be “an effective tool to help reduce vaccine hesitancy among the general public.” They also found similar results for advice about STIs. For the study, researchers from the National University Health System in Singapore tested how ChatGPT would respond to common questions about vaccination. The researchers, who run infectious disease clinics, asked ChatGPT “15 commonly asked questions on vaccine hesitancy” including questions about efficacy, adverse effects and “cultural concerns.” They also asked 17 questions about risk factors, access to care and prophylaxis for STIs. Two independent infectious disease experts compared ChatGPT’s answers about vaccines to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). They assessed ChatGPT’s answers on STIs against the 2021 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines. According to the press release, ChatGPT provided “factual responses and reassurance to vaccine hesitancy concerns” — using the public health agencies’ statements as the basis for determining fact. For example, the chatbot highlighted recommendations for measles vaccination in low-income settings and discussed the benefits of HPV vaccination, but failed to discuss age limits for vaccination. ChatGPT also “addressed misconceptions around mRNA vaccination and permanent alterations in DNA with high accuracy.” “Overall, ChatGPT’s responses to vaccine hesitancy were accurate and may help individuals who have vaccine-related misconceptions,” said lead author Dr. Matthew Koh, an infectious diseases physician at National University Health System Singapore. “Our results demonstrate the potential power of AI models to assist in public health campaigns and aid health professionals in reducing vaccine hesitancy.” Biases and errors in AI ChatGPT, a type of generative AI software that creates text and content, is increasingly gaining traction in science and healthcare. Research has found that in some cases it is beginning to displace typical search engines or Wikipedia as a go-to source for information. As AI begins to be used in medicine, many researchers and AI designers have celebrated its potential as an administrative tool for writing research and generating patient information. Politico said 2024 may be the year “artificial intelligence transforms medicine.” Forbes and BMC Medical Education both claimed AI is “revolutionizing healthcare.” However, generative AI tools have proven extremely unreliable in diagnosing health conditions. A study published in January in JAMA Pediatrics found ChatGPT misdiagnosed 83% of children’s health conditions. The researchers in that study explained that chatbots “are typically non-specifically trained on a massive amount of internet data, which can often be inaccurate.” They “do not discriminate between reliable and unreliable information but simply regurgitate text from the training data to generate a response.” This is significant, according to The New York Times, because people tend to adopt ideas they are repeatedly exposed to. The Times reported last month on a new preprint study that found AI language models like ChatGPT had clear political biases based on its “moral judgments, the way they frame their answers, which information they choose to share or omit and which questions they will or won’t answer.” The Times also noted that the responses given by language AI models like ChatGPT are determined by the inputs that train them — the data they draw from and especially the “fine-tuning” done by system designers. The “misinformation” that the researchers in the study from the National University Health System Singapore are concerned about is the same misinformation the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deems problematic. Since FDA Commissioner Robert Califf began his second tenure as the agency’s head in February 2022, he made combating “misinformation” one of his top priorities, arguing it is “a leading cause of preventable death in America now” — though “this cannot be proved,” he said. The FDA uses a tactic known as “prebunking,” by which the agency defines something as “misinformation” before readers encounter it elsewhere as possibly true. The agency can do this because Google “prioritizes credible websites” like the FDA’s in its searches. Earlier studies tout ChatGPT’s ability to fight ‘COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs’ At least two previous studies also tested ChatGPT’s ability to “combat misinformation,” although both focused only on the COVID-19 vaccine. Research published last year in the journal Cureus reported ChatGPT could successfully be used to combat “COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs” and that it responded with “clear, concise and non-biased content.” ChatGPT’s success, it said, could be seen in responses where the software was “dismissive” about “conspiratorial ideas” regarding COVID-19 origins, labeling it as non-credible and lacking scientific evidence — meaning the software dismissed the “lab-leak theory” and instead repeated the World Health Organization’s talking point that the virus had a “natural animal origin.” No evidence has been found for the zoonotic origins of COVID-19 with a bat as the article claims. Substantive evidence from internal government documents released through Freedom of Information Act requests has suggested a lab leak is the more likely of the COVID-19 origin theories. The software responses in that study also confirmed that the vaccines had undergone rigorous safety testing, there was no evidence that pharmaceutical companies obscured any data about adverse effects, and “the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.” However, those responses contradict what is known about how the vaccines were rushed through the regulatory process and how vaccine makers overstated the efficacy and understated risks of the vaccines. A second study published in September 2023 in Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics made similar findings. The researchers asked the software the 50 questions most posed to World Health Organization collaborators about the COVID-19 vaccines and had public health professionals evaluate the responses. It concluded that ChatGPT offers information consistent with existing scientific evidence, effectively debunking many myths circulating on social media, which could potentially promote a higher vaccine uptake. After those studies, mainstream scientific publications celebrated ChatGPT’s ability to debunk vaccine myths and increase vaccine uptake. The Defender chats with ChatGPT The Defender also “chatted” with ChatGPT to test its answers on some of the claims that public health officials often identify as vaccine “misinformation.” The Defender: What are the origins of COVID-19? Chat GPT: The origins of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, are believed to be zoonotic, meaning the virus likely originated in animals before spreading to humans. The exact origins are still under investigation, but it’s widely thought that the virus originated in bats and might have been transmitted to humans through an intermediate animal host, possibly in a wet market in Wuhan, China, where live animals were sold for food. The Defender: Have pharmaceutical companies misrepresented the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines? ChatGPT: There’s no evidence to suggest that pharmaceutical companies have intentionally misrepresented the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. The development and testing of vaccines are highly regulated processes, overseen by regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and others worldwide. … extensive clinical trials were conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines … However, it’s essential to recognize that no vaccine is 100% effective or without risks. Like all medical interventions, COVID-19 vaccines have potential side effects, but these are typically mild and temporary. The Defender: Do masks work to reduce the spread of COVID-19? ChatGPT: Yes, masks are an essential tool in reducing the spread of COVID-19 … The Defender: According to Cochrane systematic review on masks, they are not effective at reducing the spread of respiratory viruses. ChatGPT: … In July 2020, Cochrane published a systematic review on the effectiveness of physical interventions, including masks, in reducing the transmission of respiratory viruses such as COVID-19. This review analyzed data from studies conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic and found limited evidence to support the effectiveness of wearing masks in preventing the transmission of respiratory viruses in the community. However, it’s important to note that the findings of this review were based on evidence primarily from studies conducted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and did not specifically focus on the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Since the review’s publication, numerous studies have provided evidence supporting the effectiveness of masks, especially in reducing the transmission of COVID-19. The Defender: How many people have suffered serious adverse events from the COVID-19 shots? ChatGPT: As of my last update, COVID-19 vaccines have been administered to billions of people worldwide, and adverse events following vaccination have been reported … Serious adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination are rare. Most adverse events reported are mild and temporary, such as soreness at the injection site, fatigue, headache, or mild fever. Serious adverse events, while rare, can include severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and other uncommon side effects … Overall, the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 far outweigh the risks of potential adverse events. Vaccination remains a crucial tool in controlling the spread of the virus and protecting public health, particularly in the face of ongoing variants and the persistence of the pandemic … The Defender: Is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine linked to autoimmune disorders? ChatGPT: The HPV vaccine has been extensively studied for its safety and efficacy, and there is currently no conclusive evidence linking the HPV vaccine to autoimmune disorders. Numerous large-scale studies and systematic reviews have found no significant association between HPV vaccination and autoimmune disorders … While isolated reports of adverse events following HPV vaccination, including autoimmune disorders, may occur, extensive monitoring systems continue to evaluate vaccine safety. These systems, such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the United States and similar systems in other countries, investigate and monitor reports of adverse events to identify potential safety concerns. Overall, the benefits of HPV vaccination in preventing HPV-related cancers, including cervical cancer, far outweigh the potential risks of adverse events. ChatGPT didn’t mention that extensive research linking the Gardasil HPV vaccine to serious side effects, including postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and premature ovarian failure and other autoimmune issues. There are nearly 170 lawsuits in federal court from people who suffered a range of serious injuries after taking Gardasil, including autoimmune disorders, premature ovarian failure and cancer. There are also over 200 Gardasil injury claims pending in the ”vaccine court.” The Defender also experimented with several questions with premises that clearly diverged from the regulatory agencies’ official positions on vaccination, such as “Can increased cancer rates be linked to the COVID-19 vaccines? Is there a link between vaccines and some autism? Has there been DNA contamination caused by mRNA vaccines?” To those questions, ChatGPT’s response always included this statement, or something similar, at the end: “Misinformation and conspiracy theories about vaccines can circulate, but it’s crucial to rely on credible sources of information, such as public health agencies and reputable scientific organizations, when evaluating the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.”

  • Fully vaccinated about to see “tsunami” of illness and death, warns virologist World-renowned Belgian virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has another warning for the public: the mass collapse of immunity among the fully vaccinated is upon us. In a recent appearance on the KunstlerCast podcast, Bossche predicted a soon-coming "massive, massive tsunami" of illness and death among those who got "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), whose immune systems are now unspeakably compromised. The result of this coming wave of mass illness and death is sure to completely overwhelm the health care sector, not to mention the economy-wide impact in terms of eventual total economic failure and social chaos. It will start to be noticeable, Bossche explained, with a spike in cases of what the system will dub as "long COVID." Once those cases really start stacking up, then comes the massive wave of illness and death, which Bossche says is inevitable. "You will see what will happen, for example, in the next coming weeks ... is more and more cases of more serious long COVID," Bossche said. "They will start to replace the surge of the cancers ... now we have a more chronic phase." "It will end with a hyper-acute phase, a huge, huge wave ... I've been studying this now for four years. I know what I'm talking about." (Related: Back in 2022, Bossche warned that "the vaccinated" are responsible for unleashing the "end of Western civilization.") "We will have to build a completely new world," Bossche says Claiming himself to be one of the, if not the, only person who understands the immunology behind all this, Bossche says the coming crisis is "imminent," meaning it will happen at any moment and likely take most of the world by surprise. The health collapse and crisis it brings will result in a total failure of the system, after which Bossche says "we will have to build a completely new world." "It is very, very clear that when this starts, our hospitals will collapse," Bossche warned. "And that means the chaos in all kinds of layers of society – financial, economic, social, you name it – will be complete." In other words, it would seem as though COVID is what really got the dominoes of the current world order falling. And by the time it gets to the end, all that will remain is ash and dust from which a phoenix will then rise to recreate a new world order. "It's very strange for me to make such statements, but I'm not hiding it because I'm 200 percent convinced that it will happen," Bossche stated ominously. "You commit errors or even crimes at the very small scale, you can hide them – I've seen this happen with the Ebola vaccination with Africa a number of years ago. However, if you do this at the very large scale, like what has happened with this mass (COVID) vaccination campaign, the truth will surface." Those responsible for unleashing Operation Warp Speed and the COVID "pandemic" at large will continue lying to the people about what is going on, even as it is going on. They will pretend as though they only tried to "help" when the reality is that they unleashed a mass genocide event that is taking several years to fully manifest. "If these people would now go out and say, 'Yeah, wait a minute, we have been making some mistakes, it wasn't all right, we have to correct them, we have to revise our opinion,' these people will be stoned in the streets," Bossche added. "They can only hope that something will happen that will distract from this issue, but it won't." More of the latest news about the after-effects of Operation Warp Speed can be found at

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