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Dr. William Deagle: Chemtrails contain mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas bacteria and human plasma During a speech in 2006, Dr. William Deagle spoke about chemtrails.  He said that chemtrails contained barium salts, mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas bacteria and human plasma. Dr. Deagle said he was the doctor of the pilots from the United States Department of Defence’s National Security Agency (“NSA”) and Fort Carson who were flying the aircraft that were spraying chemtrails. Also, in the chemtrails are Morgellons, he said.  He explained that Morgellons are silicon-based nanomachine life forms that do not originate on planet Earth.  “This is a silicon-based life form that is intelligent like bees or ants and it fights back,” he said.  He continued: “Conversion of the atmosphere to a plasma for weather modification, geotectonic warfare, scalar mind control technologies, the woodpecker, which has been discovered in the 70s, HAARP, the tetra system in the United Kingdom, the Gwenn towers in the United States and the Iridium Satellite system connected to the cell towers and smart highways are all based on not only a signal to track you but Nokia, which is one of the leading cell companies, has figured out a new way to cut down increasing the amount of signal by 3 to 5 times as many cell phones in the same area by beaming the signal directly to you. “But it can also, besides the cell signal they can have a bio-coded signal to your DNA to affect your physiology and insert thoughts into your mind. And they have this technology today.” Dr. William Deagle, Granada Forum, 7 December 2006 (2 mins) If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea’s Substack HERE . The clip above was taken from a 4-hour speech titled ‘Conspiracy Realities of 9/11 to Avian Flu and Beyond’ given at the Granada Forum on 7 December 2006.  You can watch the full speech on Rumble HERE and on Odysee HERE . We haven’t watched the speech but Swallowing the Camel wrote about it in a 2008 article titled ‘The World of Dr. Deagle’.  Swallowing the Camel included a comprehensive introduction to Dr. Deagle’s history before getting into highlights from his speech mixed with highlights from Dr. Deagle’s interview on the cable-access show The Freeman Perspective .  The LINK to the interview is no longer available and a search on the current website for FreemanTV returned no results for Dr. Deagle. While we don’t agree with everything Dr. Deagle said and a lot of what he says seems “way out there,” we also don’t agree with all of Swallowing the Camel’s criticism of him either.  However, there are some things that Dr. Deagle did say that seem to ring true today.  Below are excerpts from a section in Swallowing the Camel’ s article titled ‘Dr. Deagle on The Future ’.  Dr. Deagle on The Future By Swallowing the Camel “The sheeple are gonna learn the hard way this is not a joke…What I’m going to show you tonight is a vast panorama of dark, majestic, evil majesty.” “I’m not afraid to die tonight, ’cause if we don’t fight this, we’re all dead. I’m talking about the death of our planet…We have roughly a year to turn this thing around.” Later he says that in ten years, humans will only be produced in labs. Those with genetic abnormalities will be killed, and we will all be programmed to die “like lightbulbs.” The Avian flu is “the brainiac virus,” the most intelligent and deadly bioweapon ever released. It is “Ebola on ‘roids”. A global pandemic of it could kill 2 billion people.  Americans will be chipped and placed in quarantine detainment facilities, ostensibly to prevent its spread. Vaccines will be useless against it. To prevent this pandemic, we must have HEPA filters in all international aircraft, and we must stop spraying chemtrails containing nano-organisms (silicon-based lifeforms that do not originate on Earth). “I can’t tell you when it will happen, but it’s coming. It will make all the plagues of history look like nothing.” “2007 and 2008 will be dangerous years.“ As if that’s not bad enough, on 1 April 2005 Bush signed an Executive Order requiring all people to receive a shot that could “kill you or give you cancer.” National ID cards and/or microchips will be in place by 2008, along with laser retinal scans (like in  Minority Report ), biometric identification, and lightning-fast DNA analysis. Even so, any traveller not carrying a paper ID will be detained and quarantined. The Amero will be in use. Coins below $1 will be removed from circulation. “The dollar will be the new penny.” He actually takes delight in telling people this; he snorts with laughter and grins. By May 2008 all financial transactions will be tracked with the National Drivers ID. It is already illegal to barter, under the Patriot Act. RFID chips will be inserted into everything – every individual pill, water bottle, etc. – so that every move you make and every item you consume can be tracked 24/7. Currency/ID violators could be confined to prisons built by Bechtel and Halliburton, and/or summarily executed. “National health care will be a nightmare,” because it will be an “electronic choker chain on doctors.” If they don’t do what the “Nazi Dr. Mengele controllers” tell them to do, their licenses will be yanked. Doctors will be forced to implant microchips into their patients and administer “psychotronic vaccines that will rewire your brain,” vaccines that will “insert DNA to alter your genetics,” vaccines that will “brain-tenderise” you so thoughts can be implanted directly into your brain with ELF waves and control your very physiology using scalar technology, and vaccines that cause cancer. All these things have already been developed. “Just like the big pharma drugs…that are slowly killing our elderly population and turning them into demented fools.” Israel wants to attack Iran with nuclear devices, triggering WWIII; only the 102nd Airborne is preventing this, by guarding the Dimona reactor site. Israel gave a secret ultimatum that if the US didn’t attack Iran within five months (of Deagle’s talk), Israel would. “We are one second to midnight.” If Israel does attack Iran, Russia will send its most advanced anti-aircraft system to Syria, Iran and the other Arab nations; missiles from central Saudi Arabia can strike as far as London every 30 seconds. US HAARP-based antiaircraft technology will be of no use because it will cause every aircraft without a special chip and special tubes to drop out of the sky. They  are designing lethal pesticides (research begun by “crazy maniacs” in Israel 30 years ago) and will irradiate food to kill more people. Apparently, this info comes from Major-General Bert Stubblebine III, a frequent guest on Deagle’s online radio show,  The Nutrimedical Report . There will soon be nanotech foods (there are already nanotech dyes and fats, which can cross the blood-brain barrier) that will “fry anything that’s in their pathway,” causing Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. Chronic Wasting Disease is another nanotech disease. This disease was designed to make all meat inedible so that we can’t hunt when the shit comes down. They want to control the food supply totally. One source told him that within about fourteen years all food will be grown hydroponically or grown from cell cultures in huge buildings; meat will be simulated; animals and plants will no longer exist in the wild. The Georgia Guidestones tell us They want to reduce the population to 500 million, and the stones were erected by Them. This theory (also promoted by Alex Jones and Kent Hovind, among many others) ties into Deagle’s idea that Their strange code of ethics requires that They tell us what They’re going to do to us – in code. Deagle has seen the secret operational manual of FEMA, which says that if a radiological or biowarfare attack occurs a perimeter will be established around the US, and anyone who tries to escape it will be shot. Everyone will be quarantined together so there will be maximum cross-contamination. He confronted the head of FEMA about this. In a Code Red Emergency, FEMA will shut down the grid and all highways. More than half the population will be dead within 30 days. The real goal of chemtrail-spraying is to convert the atmosphere into plasma for weather modification, scalar mind control technology, geotectonic warfare, and other nefarious uses. Nokia has figured out a way to beam a bio-coded signal directly to your DNA through its phones, to affect your physiology and insert thoughts into your mind. Nokia and Bell Technologies are staffed by NSA agents and have above-top-secret classifications for research. Cell phone companies are part of the “dark majestic evil majesty,” in other words. The Mex-Am-Can superhighway plans call for the seizing of private property. All freeways will be toll, and they will all be linked.  Walls and barriers will be erected to keep people out of non-controlled areas and these areas will be stocked with wolves, dinosaurs, and other dangerous animals . “If you think they can’t [engineer dinosaurs], you’re living in a dream world.”

Dr. William Deagle: Chemtrails contain mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas bacteria and human plasma
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