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Farmers protests are spreading across the world; people are waking up to the fact that the war on farming is not a coincidence Featured image: Analysis: How do the EU farmer protests relate to climate change? Carbon Brief, 5 February 2024 Farmers across Europe continue to protest against the implementation of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.  The European Commission has tried to deflect blame by explaining that the protests are because European farmers are on the “frontline” of climate change and the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, farmers’ protests spread to India with farmers and their supporters marching on Delhi this week. Lena Petrova is an American Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) who provides regular commentaries on finance, economics and tax, “with a dash of everything in between.”  She is the author of a Substack page titled ‘ Behind the Numbers with Lena Petrova ’. Just over a week ago, Petrova uploaded a video in which she explained that Agenda 2030 is nothing but a tool to eliminate small farmers by making them go bankrupt.  In it, she explained what Agenda 2030 is and why it will put farmers out of business.  You can watch her video titled ‘ Land Grab & Food Supply Control: Farmer Protests Erupt Across Europe Against Net Zero Agenda ’ HERE . Yesterday, Petrova uploaded a follow-up video.  “We’re seeing an absolutely incredible number of European Farmers stand up to Agenda 2030,” she said. Regarding the pressure being imposed on farmers by bureaucrats, Petrova said: “The green agenda is not the ultimate goal here. It is an excuse. It is a Trojan horse. The ultimate goal is acquiring the land that these small farmers will be eventually forced to give up.  [ ] Government regulations [are/will be] so strict that running a small farm will not be profitable so they will go out of business.” And when farmers go out of business, “small farms will be replaced with large corporate producers,” she said. Petrova showed a clip of John Kerry’s speech during a World Economic Forum Davos 2023 session titled ‘ Philanthropy: A Catalyst for Protecting Our Planet ’ followed by a clip from a speech he made at the AIM for Climate Summit in May 2023 .  Kerry suggested that in the name of “climate change,” something has to be done about the farmers – in effect he was suggesting that they need to be put out of business. She then showed several clips of European farmers’’ protests from recent days.  “Farmers across Europe are not giving up,” Petrova said.  “They are joined by … many other people who understand the value of farming as being the backbone of our food security.” Petrova then showed a “quite shocking” clip from a speech Ursula von der Leyen made in the European parliament.  Her speech was to provide Members of Parliament with the conclusions of the Special European Council meeting of 1 February 2024 .  You can watch von der Leyen’s full speech HERE or read a transcript HERE . “She argued that European farmers are not protesting against the rules and the laws that her government had implemented. No that’s not the case according to her. According to von der Leyen, European farmers are feeling the effects of climate change and the impact of the war in Ukraine, as well as the rising cost of energy and fertilizers.” Petrova said.  “[There is a] growing gap between the elites and those who are waking up to the fact that none of this is a coincidence.”   “Farmer protests are spreading across the world. There is a farmer protest going on right now in India , as well.  There is a planned march on Delhi later in February . “This is a global trend that should no longer be ignored because the only outcome of governments controlling small farmers is the absolute control of our food supply. and we all understand what it may lead to: controlled food supply leads to artificial food shortages and possibly even famines.” Lena Petrova, CPA: Farmer Protests Spread | Desperate Farmers Protest Against New Laws That Will Bankrupt Them , 11 February 2024, (10 mins) If you are unable to watch the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on YouTube HERE . Further reading: Davos 2023: Referring to The Great Reset is out but censorship, hypocrisy and god complexes are still in Destruction of farming is front and centre in the fight against climate change, John Kerry says John Kerry crumbles when confronted with FACTS on Co2: “This is not a serious conversation” John Kerry: “Humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself” US House of Representatives cuts funding to UN, WHO, WEF and climate change

Farmers protests are spreading across the world; people are waking up to the fact that the war on farming is not a coincidence
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