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Israel and U.S. Plans for Gaza – A Rival for China’s New Silk Road. Investigative journalist Richard Medhurst, says he “doesn’t think anybody has an idea of what’s happening in Gaza and why it is happening.” Perhaps not, but we do know what should not be happening and that is the asymmetric brutal attack on civilians in Gaza over half of which are children. Many individuals converged in London on Saturday calling for a ceasefire to the atrocities joining in with what was said to be the biggest march in British history. “We’re here together, we’re every community, we’re every faith, we’re every religion, we’re every language” Jeremy Corbyn said in his address to the crowd, adding “Our demonstrations are united around the world…” and this is true. Yet the atrocities continue, and our so-called leaders engineer division among society and while we fight among ourselves, they can get away with whatever they want and allow the continuation of war crimes, turning a blind eye a to the creation of hell on earth in Gaza that sickens the rest of us. Why is this? What do our “leaders” believe justifies the slaughter of innocent civilians? Richard Medhurst may say we do not know, but a couple of weeks ago, also shows that it may just have something to do with a vested interest of a few world leaders in the creation of what Netanyahu called the New Middle East as reported on September 22nd, 2023 by Brett Wilkins. Netanyahu Shows Map of ‘New Middle East’—Without Palestine—to UN General Assembly Brett Wilkins reported on September 22nd, 2023 that Benajamin Netanyahu had angered Palestinians and their defenders after presenting a map of “The New Middle East, without Palestine, to the UN General Assembly in New York. “Speaking to a largely empty chamber, Netanyahu showed a series of maps, including one that did not show the West Bank, East Jerusalem, or Gaza. Middle East Eye reported Netanyahu also held up a map of “Israel in 1948″—the year the modern Jewish state was established, largely through the ethnic cleansing of more than 750,000 Arabs—that erroneously included the Palestinian territories as part of Israel.” Palestinian Ambassador to Germany Laith Arafeh said on social media that there is “no greater insult to every foundational principle of the United Nations than seeing Netanyahu display before the UNGA a ‘map of Israel’ that straddles the entire land from the river to the sea, negating Palestine and its people, then attempting to spin the audience with rhetoric about ‘peace’ in the region, all the while entrenching the longest ongoing belligerent occupation in today’s world.” Middle East Eye, noted: “The inclusion of Palestinian lands (and sometimes land belonging to Syria and Lebanon) in Israeli maps is common among believers of the concept of Eretz Yisrael—Greater Israel—a key part of ultra-nationalist Zionism that claims all of these lands belong to a Zionist state Wilkins. added “Earlier this year, Netanyahu’s finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, spoke from a podium adorned with a map that also included Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria as part of Greater Israel. In the same event, he said there was “no such thing as Palestinians.” Expose Author added Expose Author added. Brett Wilkins continues: “The use of such maps by Israeli officials comes at a time when Netanyahu’s ultra-nationalist government has taken steps that experts say amount to the “de jure annexation” of the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu used the maps in an attempt to illustrate the increasing number of Arab countries normalizing relations with Israel under the Abraham Accords brokered by the administration of former U.S. President Donald Trump.” “There’s no question the Abraham Accords heralded the dawn of a new age of peace,” the Israeli prime minister said. “But I believe that we are at the cusp of an even more dramatic breakthrough, an historic peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia will truly create a new Middle East.” “Critics have countered that peace between apartheid Israel and Arab dictatorships has come at the cost of advancing Palestinian rights. In the case of Morocco, the United States recognized the North African nation’s illegal annexation and brutal occupation of Western Sahara in exchange for normalization with Israel.” “Netanyahu’s props on Friday reminded numerous observers of the time during his 2012 General Assembly speech when he used a cartoon drawing of a bomb to illustrate Iran’s progress on advancing a nuclear weapons program that both U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies said did not exist.” (source) BRETT WILKINS Sep 22, 2023. Israel and the U.S. Plan to Turn Gaza into the “Ben Gurion Canal”, a Rival to Egypt’s Suez Canal. Richard Medhurst furthers Wilkins information and shows Netenyahu drawing a red line with a marker and depicts an economic corridor that stretches all the way from India through the United Arab Emirates, to Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Israel and finally to the European Continent. “The United States have seen their influence starting to fade and the relevance of the dollar start to recede” […]you have all these spooks in Washington running around desperately trying to counter BRICS and China’s New Silk Road and this is their answer. This is a Rival to the New Silk Road” argues Richard Medhurst. The ancient silk road is the largest most important trade route in human history, it’s enormous stretching all the way from China to Syria, to the Mediterranean Sea. The Chinese according to Richard Medhurst, know how important it is and want to revive it. it is the future of world economics, trade and politics. An Economic Corridor a Rival To The New Silk Road. According to Richard, Iran and Iraq have signed a railway deal, in the “span of a few weeks” meaning that there is now a rail link from the new Silk Road. Also President Assad of Syria who has been isolated by the West for over a decade, has signed a strategic partnership with China the worlds largest economy. It is pivotal, says Richard Medhurst. “and it’s not just land but also maritime trade.” This is crucial, but “As enormous and important as this is, this is just one aspect, you still have the gas, how can you talk about the middle East and not talk about the gas?!” he asks. Richard has a lots more researched information that he has enabled him to connect some dots and can be seen in both Part 1 and Part 2 of the videos below which are well worth watching. Part 1 Part 2 What’s Best For Us? In an interesting interview with AlJazeera, filmmaker Michael Moore  said, “Most Americans have no problem in making sure there are no more Israelis killed and providing for the defence, but that is really not what is going on right now. How do you justify the slaughter of children, children and some of these nights, half the dead, half the wounded are children. “ What are we getting back? What are we trying to do? What did the children do? and how are we defending Israel by having more dead children? “And anyone who cannot say right now, especially people who say “I support Israel” you know, defend Israel, and then support and fund the massacre of innocent children and civilians, you have no credibility then when you say you support Israel” When asked if the U.S. foreign policy position was fundamentally hypocritical, Michael Moore replied, “it is, but I think what’ really at the core of foreign policy is what’s best for us.” he added, ” from the very beginning of the creation of Israel, the American government and the American military has always seen, this is a good thing for us, that we have this base there, that we have all the kind of intelligence apparatus and everything, all the things that Israel does, basically to make sure that the oil supply is there, in the Middle East, that we’re not going to be impeded by this. […] the United States has been using Israel in that way for years.” This little video of the real Joe Biden from 1986 supports Michael Moore’s comments. While Richard Medhurst has certainly shown plans for Gaza that may well be potential reasons and a vested interest for the support of Israel, we cannot say for 100% certainty why we are seeing the atrocities being carried out in Gaza. What we can say is, that there is nothing that can ever possibly justify the slaughter of innocent civilians, especially children. What we can also say is that the attacks that have occurred in both Israel and Gaza, is like any other war, which according to Paul Varley is “ A massacre of people who don’t know each other for the profit of people who know each other but don’t massacre each other ”

Israel and U.S. Plans for Gaza – A Rival for China’s New Silk Road.
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