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Self-amplifying mRNA “vaccines” are the next-generation bioweapon Two weeks ago, Japan became the first country in the world to approve a new self-amplifying mRNA (“sa-mRNA”) vaccine. With approval for the vaccine secured in Japan, its developers are now seeking authorisation in Europe; a regulatory decision is expected next year. Self-amplifying RNA (“saRNA”) is engineered to make more copies of itself once delivered into cells.   It encodes both the antigen of interest – for example, the covid spike protein – and proteins which enable vaccine RNA replication. A company called Meiji Seika Pharma released a statement on 28 November, announcing that it had been given approval by the Japanese Ministry of Health to manufacture and market its Kostaive sa-mRNA covid vaccine also known as ARCT-154 (or in Vietnam, VBC-COV19-154).  Meiji Seika Pharma has entered into an exclusive partnership with CSL’s vaccine business, CSL Seqirus, one of the largest influenza vaccine providers in the world, to distribute the vaccine. Approval was given despite the Phase 3 trial, funded by the Japanese government, only testing the product on 838 people, with no control group.  Additionally, as ZeroHedge reported, the results of the trial have not been published; the manuscript is “in preparation,” according to the Phase 3 study report. The vaccine requires 2 doses, with the second being administered 28 days after the first, as well as booster injection/s for adults 18 years and older. The Kostaive sa-mRNA vaccine has been developed by Arcturus Therapeutics which, according to Crunchbase, is funded by 3 investors: the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Government of Japan and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (“BARDA”). BARDA is a US Department of Health and Human Services office responsible for developing medical countermeasures against bioterrorism, CBRN threats, pandemic influenza and emerging diseases. Kostaive encodes four extra proteins, in addition to the coronavirus spike protein, enabling amplification of the original strand of RNA once inside the cell.  The replication machinery, the extra proteins, is taken from a virus known as Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus which is a mosquito-borne pathogen. The reason for this new type of vaccine is “because it could be used at a lower dose so it might have fewer side effects than other messenger RNA (mRNA) treatments have,” an article published in Nature said.  The other reason, as Portland Press noted, is to lower the cost of the vaccines. The difference between a covid mRNA vaccine and a covid saRNA vaccine is that with the former, a cell’s machinery produces the spike protein for as long as these instructions persist while the saRNA goes a step further.  “It integrates the genes needed for the replication and synthesis of the spike protein-encoding RNA, effectively establishing a biological printing press for fabricating the vaccine inside cells,” Nature noted. In the video below, Roman Balmakov explained more. Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov: New Self-Replicating “sa-mRNA Vaccine” Approved For Mass Production, 13 December 2023 (10 mins) You can also watch the video above on EpochTV HERE . Craig Paardekooper is known for his investigation in 2021 into covid vaccine batches that identified that all deaths post-vaccination were attributed to just 5% of vaccine batches or lots.  These became known as ‘Hot Lots’ and his database of the deadly batches is referred to as ‘How Bad is My Batch’.  On his website, Paardekooper has collected some information on saRNA vaccines. states: “Self-replicating RNA generates 64 times the amount of antigen (spike) compared to non-amplifying RNA, and as a consequence produces a much stronger immunogenic response.  Besides producing more antigen, self-amplifying RNA produces antigen over a longer time.”   Paardekooper goes on to note: With self-amplifying RNA, the RNA codes for the spike protein, but also codes for a polymerase that then produces a copy of the RNA molecule. The process then repeats exponentially. But what stops the process? If it is self-amplifying but not self-stopping, then we would expect an unceasing production of spike protein over time, causing continuous and cumulative damage until organ failure results. There does not seem to be any internal control limiting production of the spike protein. This would mean that the effect of self-amplifying RNA is equivalent to taking repeated doses indefinitely! Self-Amplifying RNA, Paardekooper is not the only one raising concerns as to the possibilities of forever replication.  Mike Donio, the founder of science education website Science Defined, commented on the Kostaive sa-mRNA “vaccine” on Twitter. “I’ve been saying for a while that the first-generation covid vaccines were only the start of a coming wave of mRNA therapies,” he said. “First, they told us that the mRNA wouldn’t persist in cells for a long time. Now they’ve unleashed self-amplifying mRNA, which means it replicates itself. Wonder how long that will last? Maybe forever? Now tell me how they don’t want to at least try to mess with our genetics.” Not only should we be concerned that the replication of RNA may not have an off switch but those who have shown little to no concerns about the safety of mRNA technology, let alone saRNA technology, want to expand saRNA’s use. Nature noted that there are more than a dozen saRNA “vaccine” candidates currently in clinical trials for a range of applications – from shots for shingles and the flu to vaccines for cancer. Portland Press lists these other applications as including infectious diseases such as influenza, rabies, HIV-1, malaria, Chlamydia trachomatis, Ebola, RSV and Zika viruses, as well as oncology applications such as melanoma and colon carcinoma.  In addition to infectious diseases and cancer, researchers are already considering broader applications for the technology.  Jonathan Smith, who develops saRNA vaccines as the chief scientific officer of VLP Therapeutics, said that “people are working pretty hard” to expand the platform’s scope. You know what to do – STAY AWAY FROM saRNA injections.

Self-amplifying mRNA “vaccines” are the next-generation bioweapon
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