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Theresa Tam’s Leaked Meeting Reveals H5N1 Launch 17th May 2024 In our book Virus Mania , we called Chapter 7: “H5N1: Avian Flu and Not a Glimmer of Proof” and exposed the foundational fraud behind the attempts to convince the public that there was a deadly new influenza “virus”. We suspected the narrative would be used again which is why we featured it on the cover of the 2021 edition. Sure enough, in 2023 the ‘bird flu’ was being used once more as the excuse to carry out the mass culling of poultry as I covered that year in “Taking Away Your Chickens” . In recent weeks, the public “health” agencies and mainstream media have been featuring ‘H5N1’ in the headlines and “messaging” to the public that a pandemic could be about to start. As expected, some of the alleged experts have started flapping their wings about “pandemic preparedness” plans. There is also an additional angle in that they are claiming to find the influenza “virus” in milk which appears to be a new weapon in the war against raw milk and unpasteurised products. By a stroke of luck, or more precisely through bureaucratic bungling, private researcher and biostatistician Christine Massey received a surprise invitation to an online H5N1 roundtable meeting headed by Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada. This enabled us to secure exclusive footage of how they are rolling out the surveillance program and the virological pseudoscience that underpins the entire fraud. You will need to watch the video to fully appreciate the absurd level of nonsense coming from some of the key enablers in this brewing swindle… References Virus Mania , 3rd English Edition, 2021 “ Taking Away Your Chickens ”, Dr Sam Bailey, 11 Feb 2023 “ Why I Switched to Raw Milk For Good “, Dr Sam Bailey, 6 May 2022 (with video  here .) Christine Massey’s  official invitation  to the meeting. “ Don’t fall for the “avian influenza virus” hoax! ”, Christine Massey, 8 Apr 2024 Christine Massey’s  Substack “ Gain of Function Gaslighting ”, Dr Sam Bailey, 30 Jun 2021 “ Roundtable on HPAI A(H5N1) ”, Theresa Tam, et al., 9 May 2024 The Great Taking , David Rogers Webb, 2023

Theresa Tam’s Leaked Meeting Reveals H5N1 Launch
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