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'100% Digital': WEF Orders Govt's To Outlaw Cash For 'Non-Licensed Individuals'

Using cash to make anonymous purchases that are not monitored by the central bank’s invasive monitoring system will soon the reserved for VIP elites who hold licenses to use cash, if we allow Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to roll out their carefully laid plans.

The WEF hosted a summit in Saudi Arabia to quietly share the details of their disturbing plans to completely ban cash in favor of a 100 percent digital system, while admitting the Covid pandemic was part of the plan to transition consumers away from cash and into the cold embrace of central banks.

Unfortunately for the global elite and their backroom negotiations in the world’s most repressive states, we are watching them like a hawk, we have insiders walking the corridors and blowing the whistle, and it is our duty to expose their diabolical plans to the world.


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