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17 Million Murdered By COVID Vaccines And Voodoo Death

In the explosive exposé "17 Million Murdered by COVID Vaccines and Voodoo Death" by Greg Reese, Denis Rancourt, a former tenured Full Professor with a Ph.D. in Physics, exposes the grim reality behind the COVID-19 pandemic narrative. Using all-cause-mortality data, Rancourt reveals that the official measures have led to about seventeen million deaths, but not from the virus itself.

Reese delves into the science of psychological murder, a phenomenon that has been studied and documented for over a century, and its connection to chronic stress and suppressed immune systems. He also explores the deadly effects of modern Western medicine, recognized as the third highest cause of death, and its role in controlling populations.

The Flexner report, financed by the Carnegie Foundation and published in 1910, led to the outlawing of natural medicine practices in America, paving the way for a petrochemical-based medical system designed to keep people sick.

Rancourt highlights the role of geomagnetic factors, trauma-based mind control research, and the CIA's awareness of the deadly effects of traumatizing a population. He explores the concept of psychogenic death or psychosomatic death, also known as Voodoo death, as a method used in Voodoo rituals to induce sudden death through strong emotional shocks.

This no-holds-barred exposé challenges readers to confront the dark truth behind the COVID-19 pandemic and the nefarious forces that have been controlling our society for centuries.


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