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ASPARTAME Side Effects

Artificial Sweetener called Aspartame is actually a brain drug that stimulates your brain so you think that the food you're eating tastes sweet. You'll notice that when using Aspartame everything you eat at the same time also tastes sweet.

Aspartame breaks down to its poison constituents at 86 degrees (Aspartic Acid 40%, Phenylalanine 50%, and Methanol 10%).

There is mounting evidence that the "Burning Mouth Syndrome" experienced by the Desert Storm troops was actually Methanol poisoning from the Diet Coke they drank lots of, after being exposed to desert temperatures.

Aspartame 10% Methanol appears in the body quickly and is the same alcohol that your mother probably warned you that it can make you blind. Many skid-row alcoholics had problems with this cheap but deadly form of alcohol.

Aspartames 40% Aspartic Acid is an "excitotoxin" in the brain and excites neurons to death, i.e. it kills brain cells and causes other nerve damage and it triggers Migraine Headaches.


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