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Beyond Impossible - The Truth Behind the Fake Meat Industry - Vegan, Plant-Based - FULL DOCUMENTARY

Beyond Impossible exposes the corruption of the fake meat industry and how it ties in with the sinister plans of a global elite. Health expert Vinnie Tortorich asks the intriguing question: What do Harvard University, internet Vegans and the World Economic Forum all have in common? A religious desire for the world to go Vegan. But why? Is it an effort to stop global warming? Is it an earnest attempt at making everyone healthier? Is it a desperate plea to end animal cruelty? The answers may surprise you. Beyond Impossible reveals an uncomfortable truth about a world where peoples good intentions are being taken advantage of by everyone from Vegan doctors to global elites hell bent on instituting planetary policies that remove all personal choices from the kitchen and beyond. To name a few, the characters involved include a Harvard doctor who wants to tax consumers into the healthy choice, a fake meat inventor who has a fascination with snapping cows out of existence, a vegan leader who bares a strong resemblance to Jesus Christ and a German engineer and economist who dreams of starting task forces to realize his dreams of a global reset. Joined by experts that include doctors, journalists and even former vegans, Vinnie Tortorich maintains that while we still have the power of free will, it's only a matter of time before it's too late.


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