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BOMBSHELL: Scientist Confirms “Fluoride Lobby” Has Infiltrated the WHO

Dr. Philippe Grandjean: "The WHO asked me to help them develop what they called an environmental health criteria document on fluoride. So I drafted that document that reviewed the sources of fluoride in the environment, including drinking water, the animal data, and the epidemiology. [...] And they inserted changes in my draft indicating that fluoride could perhaps be toxic, but only at immense concentrations. I protested and said that in accordance with the scientific documentation, it would be wrong to insert the word immense."

"And so WHO published a document, without my name because I'd asked to have my name stricken, but then they inserted some other colleague's name as the author of the draft, which is, of course, erroneous. But that was what WHO felt was necessary in order to protect the interests of water fluoridation."


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