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Climate Derangement Syndrome is a psychiatric disorder where the mind is tricked into believing that bad weather is getting progressively worse.

Symptoms of CDS include the delusional belief that the world will experience better weather if;

🤡we send container loads of money to China in exchange for solar panels

🤡we destroying Koala habitat to build wind turbines

🤡we slaughter our beef & dairy herds

🤡the wealthy buy electric cars and everyone else travels on the electric bus

🤡we refrain from opening carbonated beverages

Other symptoms include irrational thoughts, a decline in cognitive ability and the willingness to surrender the nation‘s sovereignty to Globalists.

Cures for CDS including educating those suffering about the climate history of the world, and exposing them to the peer-reviewed science, data & evidence that shows;

today’s generation is the safest in human history from bad weather.

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