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"Control of Mind Using Nanotechnology" - 2020 Scientific Paper Explains Complete Thought and Brain Control through Nanotechnology

Many people still have questions regarding mind control and how this is accomplished via nanotechnology. This is a 2020 paper that explains it brilliantly. -

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

This paper explains what I have been speaking about for some time in relation to the capability of the Nanotechnology in the C19 injections as well as the Nanotechnology we inhale via geoengineering chemtrails and food supply to control the human mind.

All aspects of human functioning can be altered in the brain without the recipient of the technology knowing it. This means that the soul can be altered too, just as WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari mentioned in his famous reveal that the soul and spirit will be a thing of the past. Quantum Dots, Carbon Nanotubes ( Graphene) and Lipid Nanoparticles creating Hydrogel are all components discussed previously in my posts.

For the full article link:

Mind argumentation is an important parameter which is difficult to analyses. With the basics of technique, it will be a highly impossible task. Hence a technology as powerful as Nano is desired to attain limitless combination or function and properties of nervous cells. Nano particles have different materials, size and shapes. Size ranging from 1-100nm, shape of tubes, spheres, single, double or multiple layers, fullerenes with or without branches and materials such as carbon, metal, ceramic, semiconductors, polymers and lipids. How does that control the mind? Nanotechnology is a game changer in pharmaceutical industry, drug delivery system, Nano sized capsules and medical tools. Having this massive knowledge, nanotechnology can be used in neural tissue growth, also adapts devices for interference of neural networks. The application to neural cells leads to image mapping and delivery therapy. Image mapping is focused on central nervous system, also paving way for innovative image mapping technology. 
Nano particles play a common role in anatomic and physiologic compartments, i.e.) blood-brain barrier ([BBB]). There are challenges in design of Nano particle relating to brain. Especially Nano medicine where technique is involved and the role function in which these Nano particles apply to central nervous system (CNS) and imaging of CNS. BBB is more complex structure in the entire body, they protect the CNS and they help in movement of ions and even smaller macromolecules from blood to brain. This review will focus on the imaging of CNS and augmentation of brain. It speaks volume about control of mind through imaging and blood barrier supporting CNS.
Understanding the module of brain activity, neuroscience has a long-standing leverage on brain activity. They deliver biocompatible ultrasound induced imaging for development of uncaged drug [1]. The image of mind control part of the brain [1]

However, there are secondary effects in the brain that maps the changes in functional network where drugs are targeted to particular part in brain. This is the neuromodulation of the brain. It is invasive and compelling part, allowing control of varies modes in communication[3]. Below figure shows the nanomaterials inducing nervous growth[2].
Different generations from primitive era, helped us in understanding the pinnacle of brain and its functions[8]. Leaning from peers led to the elaborate understanding of intelligence in each individual. Thus neuroscience has gradually evolved from understanding intelligence level to mapping and recording patterns minute after minute[7-9]. Even the thinking has evolved through brain wave techniques associated with individual behavior. The goal is to achieve the visualization of mind and its thoughts while recording brain waves[8]. During the experiment, many structural and behavioral changes occur in brain topography. The physical changes occurring in the brain could count for the invasive and pharmacological techniques in improving our memory and intelligence[9]. Below figure shows the map of brain augmentation, memory decoder[10].
Behavior of Brain cells
Cells in the brain do not differentiate between taught and self-learned. They are trained to perform repeated tasks, with some analyses[11]. Some tasks have been asked to perform under constant monitoring of cerebral structure throughout the trial. Constant behavioral changes have been noticed in prefrontal cortex region, thus increasing the grey matter[13] Changes also observed in right hippocampal region and cerebellum, thus giving an indication to transition of understanding mind. The significant increase in grey matter also indicates that the can be working towards increasing mental capabilities, motor skills, navigation skills and also improving thinking coupled with skills for knowledge and playing games[12].Below shows nanoparticle inside brain to activate control of mind[14].
The electric and magnetic impulsion in brain is termed as neuromodulation, also called as deep brain stimulation (DBS)[37]. Neuromodulation is a method for implant of nanoparticles in the size range of 22 nm. They are coated with polymer to increase the compatibility while dispersing through blood brain barrier. Many experiments have been conducted in mice, and these implants have attained the targeted sites for mind modulation. Some other study also added that nanoparticle can stay for a month long in brain and provides ling lasting success in neuromodulation [37-45].They also prove to be a game changer economically. Below figure shows you nanoparticle in blood of brain [34].
Understanding the pattern of nanoparticle in the brain, tissues culture accordingly to load the Nano gel in injection and injected into the brain cells [44]. These Nano gel target the specific part of the brain converting the under developing brain regions into mature cells via stem cell regeneration. Culturing the tissue outside the body is to help grow neurons accordingly to the environment of the brain tissue [45]. This method generally tends to adapt to the brain cells giving it a total control of nervous region. Brain cells then surround the gel which firm wire like structures. These wire-like structures are called nanowires [49]. These nanowires can help in the sending electrical signals in order for development of neurons and muscle cells. They also help in monitoring ph levels in the cells [46]. This model of development enhances our knowledge to augment the brain of an individual. They also help in artificial intelligence by melding organics and understanding neurons and its neural networks[37]. The nanowires unravel the complete working of mammalian brain.
There has been a study that the device can measure dopamine part in the brain called caudate nucleus, and subthalamic nucleus in another part of brain. This sequence helps us understand DBS. They also help in monitoring neurochemicals that senses the pain [48] there is also another team working on healthy and disorder part of the brain using chemical senses. The understanding of brain cells or rather mind is inly achieved through DBS, nanogel sends the pulses through motor areas of an individual brain giving signals of thought.

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