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Delousing History (3:28 mins)

"This is the way nightmares begin, or perhaps end. Very simple, direct, unadorned, incredible, and yet so terribly real that even while they're happening, we'd live with them and digest them and assimilate them. We were preoccupied with the hands on a clock when we should have been checking off a calendar."

Delousing History, a work by VertigoPolitix, is a comprehensive exploration of historical events and narratives, uncovering the hidden truths and exposing the lies that have been perpetuated by those in power. It delves into the manipulation of historical narratives, the deliberate omission of key events, and the complex webs of deceit that have been woven into our understanding of the past. This work challenges conventional wisdom and encourages the viewers to question everything they thought they knew about history.

Revisionism on all sides of the political spectrum has obfuscated much about the 20th century, none more so than World War II...


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