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Do Covid “Vaccines” Poke Holes in the Blood-Brain Barrier and Cause Neurodegenerative Disorders Like

Do Covid “Vaccines” Poke Holes in the Blood-Brain Barrier and Cause Neurodegenerative Disorders Like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

The entire world of natural health advocates, who tune in to truth media and independent sources for their nutrition, health, and science news, are well-aware of the short-term dangers and repercussions of the “clot shot” Covid “vaccines,” but nobody has seen any long-term health detriment, because it’s only been two years since the scamdemic broke out.

Now, because science is revealing the Wuhan virus jabs inflict damage to the central nervous system, the vascular system, the immune system, and the brain, what will the long-term results be for those who get multiple jabs, boosters, and even flu shots, all with toxic ingredients that cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB)? How many ‘zombies’ will be roaming the earth, suffering from dementia, due to chronic inflammation, brain micro-bleeding, and permanently damaged neurons in their brain? Will several billion humans who have been injected with the most dangerous “vaccines” ever created, mRNA, become a real-life version of the walking dead?

“Sophisticated Healthcare” means medicine and vaccines that create and exacerbate neurodegenerative diseases

The long-standing myth that all vaccines are “safe and effective” has been absolutely and entirely destroyed by the Covid clot shots. Nearly all natural health advocates already knew that the MMR, flu shots, HPV, and Small Pox jabs contain horrific ingredients that can cause irreparable harm to the human body and brain, but now we’re all witnessing the mRNA-jabbed zombies not only dying “unexpectedly” and “suddenly” from the clot shots, but so many others beginning to suffer long-term health damage.

How much of this damage is affecting their central nervous system and brain function? That is the ultimate question now, and evidence-based answers are beginning to surface as each day goes by.

Biologists are now discovering the reason for so many of the Covid-vaxxed people suffering from strokes, myocarditis, thrombosis, and neurological disorders – and the reason is consistent – nanoparticles. The vascular system is the main area of transfection of these nanoparticles (spike proteins and prions), as the majority of them do NOT remain at the site of injection (in muscle tissue), but travel throughout the circulatory system.

Why are these spike protein nanoparticles, that travel throughout the body, so dangerous to our overall health? As biologists are discovering, our immune systems are attacking the vaccine particles, destroying billions of endothelial cells, literally “skinning alive” the inner lining of our blood vessels.

In other words, all the human cells that are penetrated by these toxic, virus-mimicking nano-particles will be destroyed by the immune system, including the destruction of all transfected cells, even the ones in vital cleansing organs and the brain. The biologists studying this are revealing that the injected sheeple are experiencing 80 billion cells destroyed by just 2 shots of mRNA, and this doesn’t even account for boosters yet.

According to a team of top-notch biologists, this is why the Covid vaccines have the ability and “potential to create a wave of neurodegenerative diseases, adding a new urgency to stop the vaccine dystopia.”

The human brain faces the biggest endothelial risk of all from the Covid gene-mutation jabs and BBB leakage

Did you know that the human brain contains over 400 miles of blood vessels, more than 6 times the vascular system of the lungs, which means the brain faces the biggest endothelial risk of all from the Covid gene-mutation jabs. Many doctors, scientists, and biologists have focused their discussions about vaccine damage and vaccine violence around organs like the liver, ovaries, heart and lungs, but now they’re estimating there can be as many as 2 million nanoparticles in the brain, from the mRNA jabs.

Because the brain-blood barrier is supposed to be leak-proof, researchers assumed only limited quantities of pseudo-virus particles would penetrate it, but that hypothesis was wrong, due to transfection of BBB endothelial cells.

Therefore, even though the human body has an incredible ability to repair itself, this cellular damage in the brain from vaccines is diminishing functionalities, leading to motor skill dysfunctions and neurodegenerative disorders. Researchers are now describing the location of the BBB leaks related to specific degenerative diseases:

* Hippocampus ? mild cognitive impairment

* Grey & white matter ? Alzheimer disease

* Basal ganglia ? Parkinson disease

* Caudate nucleus ? Huntington disease

* Perivascular lesions ? multiple sclerosis

* Heart ? myocarditis and pericarditis

* Lungs? pulmonary embolism

* Aorta and arteries ? thrombosis, strokes and arterial collapse

* Liver ? hepatitis

* Tendons ? tendonitis

Vaccine violence from the mRNA jabs is what we have been witnessing over the past 15 months or so. The truth is coming out, and the long-term effects of Covid jabs are starting to rear their ugly heads. The “triple-vaxxed” sheeple are starting to look a lot like the ‘walking dead.’ How long until the earth is populated with a few billion spike protein zombies?


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